10 x 3 inch Urban hybrid off road tyre
Looking for 10 x 3 inch hybrid off road / road tyres? We have plenty in our Auckland workshop. These tyres work well on a range of e-scooters that take a 10 inch tyre and minimise punctures. They are a...
10 x 3 inch Urban hybrid off road tyre with puncture resistant glue
Looking for the hybrid off road / road tyres for the Zero 10 and Zero 10X?  We have plenty in our Auckland workshop. These tyres work well on the Zero 10X and minimise punctures. They are a heavy duty tyre that wears well...
10 x 3 inch wide tyre - all brands
Heavy duty, 10 inch Electric Scooter Tyre Fits most e-scooter brands with 10 inch tyres  More puncture resistant than road tyres. With more rubber on the road the wide tyre is more stable and feels it. The 10 inch wide...
10 x 3 inch wide tyre with puncture resistant glue
Self sealing 10 inch Electric Scooter Tyre Fits most e-scooter brands with 10 inch tyres  More puncture resistant than road tyres. With more rubber on the road the wide tyre is more stable and feels it. The 10 inch wide...
8 x 3 inch wide tyre
This 8 x 3 inch tyre is great for preventing punctures on your e-scooter. It is thicker and heavier than the stock road tyre and the wide profile means more rubber on the road, improving traction on wet surfaces.  Fits Zero...
90/65R6.5” JUNIOR RAIN
90/65R6.5” 11 inch PMT road tyre Last longer and more puncture resistant than stock nylon tyres. Ideal tire in wet asphalt conditions. Characterized by the exceptional grip and high performance on the track. Fair duration, but not suitable for abrasive asphalts. Specifications  ...
Accessories bar - Black
$25.00 $20.00
Accessories bar - Black
E-scooter accessories bar Fits 22mm - 38 mm handlebars Mount the accessories bar on your handlebar to carry lights, phone mounts, cupholders and other extras without getting in the way of your brakes, folding handles and gears. Fits 31.8 mm...
$25.00 $20.00
Air shock for Zero 10X rear
DNM Adjustable air shock for the Zero 10X e-scooter ! Smoother ride than ever! This fits onto the rear of the Zero 10X e-scooter and replaces the original coil spring strut.  The DNM AOY-36RC XC/MTB/Trail/Cyclocross Bike Rear Shock has been...
$229.00 $199.00
Brake rotor
Brake disc rotors for all Electric scooter models 110mm - xiaomi 365 120mm - Zer0 8/Zero 9/Xiaomi 365 Pro 140mm - Zero 10/Zero 8X/Zero 10X/Blade x/Blade 10 160mm - 11X.Blade GT Call us for advice and other models 021498269  
Disc Lock with Alarm
$89.95 $49.95
Disc Lock with Alarm
Brake disc rotor alarm lock This alarm lock fits any brake disc rotor Suits electric scooters or bikes Very loud alarm Replaceable battery This Alarm Disc lock will help prevent your electric scooter being stolen. Lock it to the brake...
$89.95 $49.95
Double phone mount - Silicone
Phone and power bank double phone mount in Silicone Scoot round all day and keep your phone fully charged! The Bike Tie 4 double phone mounts holds your phone and the power bank to keep it charged. Made of silicone...
ETook 480 Foldable Lock
Folding e-scooter lock Toughened steel bike and electric scooter lock Our popular, simple folding lock is the best option for Zero 8 / 9 / 10 owners as it is easy to mount and attach to the downtube on the...
ETook Folding Lock ET510L Large
Folding Bike lock made of toughened steel. Hard to cut e-scooter and e-bike security E-scooter or bicycle lock that attaches easily to the frame A larger and longer version of the ET480 or the ET510L has a medium or high...
Follo GPS tracker for e-scooters
Protect your e-scooter, ebike or any personal electric vehicle. Freed recommend and supply Follo.  A GPS tracker small enough to fit almost any e-scooter. With its NZ based software tracking your e-ride is simple, reliable and affordable with subscriptions from...
Freed G2 Master - Dual 1000w
Lightweight version of Zero 10X Electric scooter.  Top quality, dual drive, electric scooter. 18.2 amp hour battery 2 x 1000watts motors dual spring suspension 40 degree hill climbing. 30 - 50 km range, 55km per hour Cable disc brakes Designed for easy...
Freed Pro-Urban Trike
$3,599.00 $3,299.00
Freed Pro-Urban Trike
3 wheel seated electric scooter. Powerful Electric Trike with Dual Rear Wheel Drive. This e-scooter has a removable, 26 amp hour battery for convenient charging in or out of the scooter Gimbled rear wheel mechanism provides stable riding with up...
$3,599.00 $3,299.00
Gold Servicing Package
Applies to brands we stock in store. Other brands of scooter may require extra charges. Suspension Check | Major Bolt Tightening | Tyre Pressure Check | Stem & Handlebar Tightening | Brake Cable Adjustment/Bleed | Replace a set of Brake Pads...
GPS tracker - 2G - SALE
$125.00 $95.00
GPS tracker - 2G - SALE
2G GPS Tracker. Requires 12v step down convertor. Can be installed on any scooter with enough space. Model ST-901MApplication Special for VehicleWeight 42gUnit size 85mm(length) * 25mm(width) * 10mm(height)Standard accessory power cable / Sticker / User Manual SIM card required 2G...
$125.00 $95.00
GUB phone mount
Gub metal phone mount for e-scooters Pop your phone in the holder and go! The GUB phone mount is made of aluminium so it is durable and protects your phone from knocks. One size fits all.
Hard Case Storage Pouch
Mount the  pouch to your E-Scooter to carry and protect your valuables.  Straps to the handlebar and downtube to secure in place. The pouch is made of hard-housing EVA material. It is extremely light and its rigid shell holds its...
from $49.95
Inner Tube - 10 Inch
Inner Tube - 10x2.5 Inch. Fits all 10x2.5 and 10x3 inch tyres. Other types of valves also available on request. info@freedpev.com
Inner Tube - 11 Inch
Extra thick 11 inch inner tube for puncture repairs or replacements.  This tube can be used on the Zero 11X e-scooter.
Inner Tube - 8.5 Inch
8.5 inch inner tube for puncture repairs or replacements.  Can be used for the Zero 8 and 9 Scooters.
Armor-Dilloz - premium military grade tyre sealant
Military grade tyre sealant for electric scooters and bikes Say 'No' to flat tyres. Prevent punctures. Seals punctures up to 2mm diameter not problem. Armor-Dilloz tyre sealant offers the very best performance for riders who demand the best and those...
from $59.00

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