Electric Scooter
$2,399.00 $2,199.00


Super low maintenance e-scooter. 

Extra wide solid tyres never puncture and offer good traction.

Dual 800w motors. Average 40 km range. 

LED side lights and spring suspension for comfortable, safe riding.

The ZERO 8X is my favourite electric scooter in the entire Zero range. With everything the 10X has and more it is the best value for money you can get, plus, far and away the lowest maintenance.


It has powerful, dual suspension, giving me that lovely floaty feel to counteract any bumpiness, cable disc brakes that stop on a dime, sleek lines and bright blue LED strip lighting.


If you are traveling any distance and rely on the scooter to get to work you can’t beat the honeycomb technology of the puncture free solid tyres. At 3.5 inches wide they have great contact with the road surface and beat any other solid tyre hands down for safety and stability.


The ZERO 8X has a flood of lights that makes night riding safe and visible. Bright LED strips down each side and flood lights front and rear the 8X has great visibility in the day as well as night. As always we recommend extra lighting on the front and the back for riding at night, mounted on the helmet, the jacket or the handle bars.

The foldable handlebars and stem on the 8X  make it a breeze to load in a car.

Check out this review on you tube. It is old, but the Zero 8X is a classic.

*Rider safety is a core value of Freed. As such, we recommend a top speed on this model of around 35kmph. The vehicles' top speed is 48 kmph.

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