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Say 'No' to flat tyres.

Armor-Dilloz tyre sealant offers the very best performance for riders who demand the best and those who simply can't afford to be off the road.

In testing, 96% of those who used it never had another flat for the life of their tire. 99% of punctures were fixed with nothing more than a small additional amount of Armor-Dilloz tyre sealant.

Never worry about flat tyres again with the most extraordinary tire sealant you can buy.   Made to an extreme specification, this is the product made for those riders who know they're going to put it to the test, but it's also ideal for those riders who simply never want to deal with the headache of a flat tire and want the best in reliability and performance.    

Developed and tested on worst streets and the gnarliest trails, you can count on us to keep you rolling.  Armor-Dilloz is dedicated to making sure you never lose another weekend day of riding, and won't be left walking your device home or taking an Uber.  

Instructions:    Tube tires are often tricky, and do fail to seal more often than tubeless - maximize your chance to save the tire by following these instructions:

Quick Trouble Shooting for Tube Tires

  • Remove debris from puncture
  • Point puncture downward
  • Pressure tire up to maximum recommended PSI of tire  (Do NOT exceed safe pressure rating - see tire manufacturer’s  specifications)
  • Roll tire around and keep pressure at maximum recommended PSI of tire until leak seals  (Do NOT exceed safe pressure rating - see tire manufacturer’s specifications) 
  • Deflate tire to riding pressure when finished

Failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube are often not sealable by any sealant including ours.  A new tube is recommended for these cases.

If there is debris in the puncture, use a small paper clip, screw, or nail to clear any debris from the puncture, you may simply push it into the puncture, pushing the debris fully inside the tire.

If you notice a puncture that is leaking sealant, pressure tire up to maximum PSI listed on tire (Do NOT exceed manufacturer’s max tire pressure rating), rotate tire three times, and allow to sit with puncture pointed downward for 5 minutes.  Depressurize to your normal riding pressure, and ride on!

If you notice a puncture that is leaking air, but not sealant, you are likely out of free sealant in the tire, as small amounts are used up for each puncture that it seals.  You should add a small amount of Armor-Dilloz to your tire, however, any appropriate fluid sealant, or even water, can be added if Armor-Dilloz is not available, our sealant will enhance the added sealant and will continue to perform well.


Brand Model Speed (kmph) Tire Size Tire Type Amount (per tire)
Zero 8 35
8" Mixed 2oz /60ml
Zero 9 45 9" Pneumatic 3oz / 90ml
Zero 10 48 10" Pneumatic 3.5oz / 100ml
Zero 10X 55 10" Pneumatic 3.5oz / 100ml
10S/D/X 55 -65 10" Pneumatic 3.5oz / 100ml
1GT 85 10" Pneumatic 3.5oz / 100ml
Zero 11X 85 11" Pneumatic 4oz / 120ml


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