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Electric Scooter
$1,499.00 $1,399.00


Best seller light weight e-scooter.

The 600w motor. 20 - 30 km real life range.

LED strip lights front and sides.

Hydraulic rear suspension.

Wide, solid tyres available.

Full after sales support.

The ZERO 9 is a beautifully balanced Electric Scooter, perfect for the daily commute. Lightweight but with a powerful battery, air tyres front and back as well as double brakes to provide great responsiveness. 


The Zero 9 comfortably performs in the 20 to 30 km/h range without burning itself to bits. The 13 amp hour battery has the advantage of being light and will deliver anywhere between 15 to 30 km of range depending on speed, hills and the weight of the rider.

The 600w motor has solid hill climbing ability and will handle a 75kg person on a 15 degree slope at about 1  km/h. Very respectable for a light scooter.


With a front cable brake and a rear drum brake, stopping is safe, reliable and strong. The disc brake has the advantage of being fully enclosed reducing the chance of contamination. 


The Zero 9 has twin 8 inch pneumatic tyres, and front and rear hydraulic suspension brackets that absorb the bumps of the road easily. While not designed to jump off the curb it feels smooth and agile to ride. 


The collapsible  handlebars have a solid folding screw-type mechanism. This allows them to fold but feel very solid and strong when unfolded. The easy fold system collapses easily via a foot operated tab.

The adjustable stem telescopes, adjusting handlebar height to provide for taller or shorter riders.

Coming in at 18 kg it is easy to carry it up a flight of stairs. It is compact enough when folded to fit into the boot of a small car.

The LED strips are highly visible day and night, however, as always we recommend extra lighting on the front and the back for riding at night, mounted on the helmet, the jacket or the handle bars.

The zero 9 is a light weight scooter that will still make it up a hill. Although it is worth noting that it is not well suited for heavy riders or speed fiends.

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Customer Reviews

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Battery | 48V, 13AH | A powerful battery with an expected range of 20 - 30km (can reach longer distances if ridden at low speed).
Tyres | 8.5 inch tyres, air front and back | Air tyres provide excellent comfort. Heavy duty tyres are now available for Zero 9 to help prevent those pesky punctures.
Brakes | Front disc brake and rear drum brake | Durable dual brakes with great responsiveness.
Weight |18kg | Lightweight given the battery, speed and distance for a beautifully balanced scooter.
Suspension | Front spring and rear hydraulic suspension | Comfortable suspension when packaged with the air tyres.
Top speed | 45km/h | Top speed for quick burst of power, this scooter is most comfortable at 25 to 30 km
Lights | Front and rear lights.
Loading capacity |100kg.
Motor Power | 600W motor.
Controller | 25A controller.
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