About Us

Freed Co Founders - 3 Kiwi Blokes

Freed was set up by three kiwi blokes, who love the environment, dislike traffic jams and are passionate about making a difference. We believe Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) such as e scooters, e skateboards and e bikes can revolutionise the way New Zealanders commute

We are currently on the search for a 'Key Person' to help us grow throughout NZ. Click here to check out the job description and apply via seek.co.nz.

We've been on a search around the world to bring you the best e scooter and e skateboard brands on offer. We work with innovative brands, whose specifications separate them from the rest. The optimal balance of speed, weight and battery life (distance) means these machines align to the Freed values:

Changing the way we commute 

It's exciting to bring you the future. Escape from current modes of transport that hold you back, cost you money and waste time. Personal Electric Vehicles set you free.  

Easy and enjoyable free transport 

Charge up and off you go! Cruise to work, the bus stop and out with friends.  Enjoy the fresh air. Make life easy on yourself.

Eco-friendly: look after the planet

Electricity is a renewable energy source. Save the planet by using transport which doesn't burn fossil fuels.

Quality, service, trust

All our products represent quality. Our knowledge ensures the best service. Trust us to provide you with the best suited electric scooter or electric skateboard for you.


Our job is to make your life easy and provide advice on what product best suits your needs and budget. Keep it simple.

.... be 





PCG NZ Ltd trading as Freed

NZBN: 9429046912381

Company Number: 6936753