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About us

Our vision is to revolutionise the way New Zealanders commute!

The team at Freed and their already loyal customers know that Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) provide a terrific sense of freedom for your commute or fun in your spare time. It is a great solution to your transportation needs. 

Freed was started by Kiwi blokes; Patrick, Callum and Geoff. New owner Jen moved the store to 23b Westhaven Drive, Wynyard Quarter. We have been trading since September 2018 so have more Electric Scooter experience than any retailer in New Zealand. We are at the forefront of the market, scouring the world for the best products, ensuring we provide the best quality, for the best price. 

Meet Dan and Chris: Our Electric Scooter experts. Come and visit Dan and the team if you want advice on which Electric Scooter is for you or to get your ride fine tuned or repaired.


"Cheesecake" Dan - Lead Technician

“I have previously worked as an Electrical Technician on scooters with Flamingo so I know the Segway brand as well as I know the Zero range of E-scooters. I have extensive experience in mechanical components and love working at Freed as the Lead Technician. My favourite is The Zero 10X, but I ride a Zero 10 as it fits in the car more easily.

"Also..' Crofters cheesecakes and non baked cheesecakes are the worst”


 Chris - 2ic scooter Technician

Chris, Scooter technician ant Freed Electric Scooters, Auckland

“I started working on scooters with Flamingo, and have been a scooter technician for 3 years now. I am a cyclist and build my own bikes so have loads of experience with brakes and can fit a tyre to most machines.

I work at Freed on Saturdays in the workshop. I am a long distance hiker and like nothing more than to disappear to the mountains"


 Jen - Owner, floor sweeper, scooter enthusiast.          

Originally graduating from Otago University with a B.Com Jen found herself working for Taylormade Productions in Dunedin, best known for their association with Animation Research Limited and the America's Cup Graphics. From there was a 'stint in multi media' but that was back in the day before even CD's were available. Working in a production studio in Geneva Jen video'd the Swiss Lottery three times per week which was nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds but quite nerve wracking the first few times.

Returning from her OE Jen mooched about a bit, and eventually fell into Teaching, to her immense surprise. 15 years back at school completed her education, to which she had paid little real attention as a youth. The students taught her a few things and equip her well with the broad range skills required in business. 

After a lengthy search Jen was delighted to become the new owner of Freedpev in 2020 and threw herself into the task of learning everything there is to know about  electric scooters.

Frequently surprising a certain demographic, Jen can often be seen 'on the tools' in the workshop getting grease on her clothes and ruining multiple tubes trying to repair Xiaomi punctures, although she prefers to let the experts in the workshop do the big jobs.

Jen is a bit of a greenie at heart and her mission is to promote micro mobility in urban centres around Auckland and other New Zealand cities. As a devout city girl Jen can only see the benefits of the electric vehicle revolution in air quality and of micro-mobility in reducing congestion on the roads, making the city livable again.

“I have been a teacher and a video editor. Owning a business was a dream for years and finding Freed was a dream come true. My mission is to clear the city of cars, and I love it when a new customer can save money and reduce emissions by switching to an electric scooter. My favourite thing is when customers rave about how much they love their commute on their new scooters.”

For any product information or product servicing please email or phone our team.

info@freedpev.com   | 021 498 269


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