ZERO 10X - 24ah battery

Electric Scooter
$2,999.00 $2,799.00


Massive discount. We need to make room for new stock.

Before Vsett, there was Zero. Same factory. Same designer as Vsett.

Powerful uphill electric scooter. 

52 volt for longer range. Genuine 30 - 60 km range normal riding.

Upgradable, Rugged electric scooter
Superior Urban or Off Road Hybrid Beast

The Zero 10X electric scooter is the most copied e-scooter design and is still the bench mark in the mid-price, high-performance electric scooter market 52 volts system won't burn through your battery as fast so you get much better range.

Only FREED sells the genuine ZERO 10X e-scooter in New Zealand - we carry all spare parts and have a direct relationship with the factory.  

Originally designed for off-road riding, the body layout was so successful that it has informed e-scooter design for years.

It has a broad deck for comfortable stance, 10 inch tyres and spring suspension that allows you to tackle any urban terrain.
The ZERO 10X 24amp hour electric scooter can cover huge distances and is capable of 55km/h+

The Zero 10X 24 amp/h comes fitted with Zoom hydraulic brakes for a smoother and more effective braking experience.

Savage acceleration is fully adjustable in program settings

Smooth, cruisy ride experience.

ZERO 10X electric scooter is the best great value for money scooter to other high performance e-scooters. The Zero 10X is still sought after for the exceptional value to investment ratio it offers.


To see the ZERO 10X 24AH in action, watch this video!

For serious riders who value long distance, high comfort and top speeds, the Zero 10X covers the longest distance, reaches the highest speeds and has a broad frame for comfort.


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Model 10X 18Ah 10X 23.4Ah
Battery 52v 18Ah 52V 23.4 Ah (Samsung or LG cells)
Tyres 10 x 3 inch wide tyre 10 x 3 inch wide tyre
Brakes Dual hydraulic disc brakes Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Power 2 x 1200w brushless motors 2 x 1200w brushless motors
Top Speed 55km 55km
Range Up to 50km Up to 85 km
Weight 36kg 36kg
Loading capacity 150kg 150kg
Lights Front and rear deck lights/Brake lights Front and rear deck lights/Brake lights
ZERO 10X - 24ah battery
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