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The most compact 500 w scooter alive.

500 watt rear drive. Solid rear tyre. Rear drum brake. 15 to 25 km real life range. Max range 40 km. Hydraulic suspension. Low maintenance. Easy fold and carry. Sleek. Full after sale service.

Our favourite thing about the Zero 8 electric scooter is how light it is for the power. This is our pick for popping to the shop because you can wheel it round the aisles with you rather than risking theft by locking it outside. Its weight and diminutive size make it nimble and it folds down to a really compact bundle for easy storage and handling.

The ZERO 8 e-scooter offers a high end performance and a good battery range whilst being a compact scooter making it easy to transport. The incredible hydraulic rear suspension on this model eliminates vibration, making your commute a smooth ride. 


The baby of the Zero range, the Zero 8 has a 500 watt electric motor powered by a 20-amp controller. It will take a small to average adult up a reasonable incline (though don’t expect top speed). It can be a great scooter for riders for whom a 250 watt motor ( like the Xiaomi 365) is underpowered for practical use. 

The Zero 8 has a 10.4 or 13 amp/h 48 watt hour lithium-ion battery pack. We tested the range of the 13amp/h to be 22.9 kilometres, under real-world riding conditions in Auckland riding in the least energy conserving mode

The rear drum brake is durable and robust owing to the fact that the brake is fully enclosed in the hub. It can stop you in about 3 meters if required.


The Zero 8 has 8 inch tyres. A pneumatic tyre on the front helps cushion bumps and the rear solid tyre gives reliable puncture free riding. It has spring suspension on the front and hydraulic suspension brackets on the rear to provide additional cushioning.

The Zero 8 weighs in at 17kg. Light enough to carry up a flight of stairs and this makes it nimble and practical for buses and smaller people. It folds down into a very compact 99 x 18 x 99 centimetre package.


Justin at ESG noted the folding mechanisms “are all of excellent quality.”  The folding mechanism is easy to use and very solid. When folded the stem locks securely enabling you to carry it easily.

Like all other Zero models the Zero 8 has three speeds, battery display and odometer.  You can adjust acceleration and power in the settings to increase range at a cost of decreased power, without losing the ability to climb hills.

Built-in headlights and deck lights are complemented by bright blue LED light strips for high visibility riding day and night. As always we recommend extra lighting on the front and the back for riding at night, mounted on the helmet, the jacket or the handle bars.

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The Zero 8 is perfect for day-to-day travellers, whether commuting to and from work, to park-and-rides or a cruise down to the shops. The value buy of the quality Zero range, we're ecstatic to bring you the Zero 8 electric scooter

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Battery | 18AH, 52V
Tyres | Front and rear solid rubber or tubeless pneumatic
Brakes | Dual disc brakes
Weight | 32kg
Range | 35-40km (depending on rider weight and speed)
Suspension | Front and rear spring hydraulic suspension
Top speed | 55km/h
Lights | Powerful front, rear and LED side
Loading capacity | 120 kg
Motor Power | 800W per wheel (1600W total)
Controller | 2 x 20A
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