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How to choose an Electric Scooter- Questions to ask yourself.

You love the freedom and fun of an Electric Scooter, but you're over the restrictions of the rideshare operations and it’s time to buy your own Electric Scooter. So, where do you start? Online research will give you plenty of options to consider but it can be overwhelming trying to work out which E-Scooter is best for you. Here are some Questions the Freed team suggests you start with.   What is the main purpose of your new Electric Scooter? Commuting daily to work and back Commuting occasionally to work and back Transport that will allow me to get around the city quickly and easily Last-mile commute (to and from bus or train station) Weekend Fun I just want one...

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Save money, time and the planet when you invest in an Electric Scooter to cover your daily commute to work.

When you look at the benefits of owning an electric scooter, you'll soon conclude that the savings are worth considering. Not to mention an electric scooter is way more fun to get to work on than a car, bus or train.

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When should you ditch the rideshare and buy your own electric scooter?

If you are an early adopter and are serious about saving money, avoiding the drudgery of the traditional commute to work you may well now be using an electric rideshare scooter every week. But when is the right time to consider investing in your own Electric Scooter? There are number of factors to consider.

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A Buyers Guide to Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have recently taken New Zealand by storm. Being a new industry with a vast range of high-quality products, it can be overwhelming to interpret the ‘Electric Scooter lingo’ and understand product features. So, when looking for your electric scooter, here is what you should look out for to ensure you purchase the most suitable product for your requirements. Weight  The heavier the machine, the higher the likelihood of more advanced features.   For example, a very light electric scooter (under 12Kgs) will generally have a smaller battery (less distance) and limited suspension (less smooth ride). Of course, weight versus these features is a trade-off and will come down to user preference. Regardless of weight, all electric scooters fold down...

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