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I have to waterproof my Mantis Pro!!

Dear Scootle I bought a Kaabo Mantis Pro last year and I’ve had to have the controller changed twice already due to water damage. I’ve tried to waterproof it with silicone, and it is a lot better, but it still lets water in. What more can I do? Frustrated   Dear Frustrated I hear you. The Kaabo Mantis Pro is a fantastic scooter in the dry but the Kaabo range really does not live up to its IPX54 rating. I’m sure it comes as no consolation to you whatsoever to know that the 2021 Mantis Pro released in August has a much higher waterproofing rating, however, we have not seen it yet so we will have to let folks know...

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Save money, time and the planet when you invest in an Electric Scooter to cover your daily commute to work.

When you look at the benefits of owning an electric scooter, you'll soon conclude that the savings are worth considering. Not to mention an electric scooter is way more fun to get to work on than a car, bus or train.

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When should you ditch the rideshare and buy your own electric scooter?

If you are an early adopter and are serious about saving money, avoiding the drudgery of the traditional commute to work you may well now be using an electric rideshare scooter every week. But when is the right time to consider investing in your own Electric Scooter? There are number of factors to consider.

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