I have to waterproof my Mantis Pro!!

Dear Scootle

I bought a Kaabo Mantis Pro last year and I’ve had to have the controller changed twice already due to water damage. I’ve tried to waterproof it with silicone, and it is a lot better, but it still lets water in. What more can I do?



Dear Frustrated

I hear you. The Kaabo Mantis Pro is a fantastic scooter in the dry but the Kaabo range really does not live up to its IPX54 rating. I’m sure it comes as no consolation to you whatsoever to know that the 2021 Mantis Pro released in August has a much higher waterproofing rating, however, we have not seen it yet so we will have to let folks know once we have had eyes on.

As for your Mantis Pro, I assume you’ve ridden it in the rain because it is your main mode of transportation and you have no viable alternatives? If you can avoid getting it wet, you should totally do that. Also always dry it if it gets wet. And if you do get caught out, take it to  your service agent and get it checked immediately.  The Kaabo design in particular funnels water directly into the controller and with such a fundamental design flaw it is always going to be difficult to prevent this. The water gains entry down the neck of the scooter where the wires enter the body from the stem. The designers placed this entry high enough to avoid water spray from the tyres, but if you get caught in the rain, The water will run down the neck and the cables and be channeled directly inside the scooter via the cables, as there is no rubber grommet around the cables at all. The controller compartment is where it lands first. Happily there is a lip between the controller and the battery, however repeated exposure and speed can cause the water to mount this lip and water can still get into the battery compartment. Now, although the battery is sealed, this is not a good thing and voids your warranty. 

However, there are some steps you can take. Silicone the hole is a good start. Because the water flows down the cables, use a wet finger to smooth the silicone right around the circumference of the cables  and out up the edges of the inside of the metal neck. If you can get the silicone to form a slope from the back, around the cables and down to a lip that seals over the edge of the cable entry point at the front, this will help prevent water from sitting and direct water away from the entry point.

If you are able to use tools you can open the front of the scooter to expose the controller compartment, where you will find a second hole into the body of the scooter for the cables. This hole is directly above the controller. Sealing this hole carefully will make it harder for the water to get in as well, but take care here not to block the replacement of the cover as it needs to fit snugly to prevent water spray from the tyres. 

Make sure it is clean and dry before you start, preferably wipe it down with alcohol wipes. You can get these from hardware stores. Oh, and get black silicone.



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