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Have you tried a Lime scooter and found it is good but it gets expensive quickly?


Adult electric scooters are every where these days and its easy to see why. E-scooters, mopeds, and e-bikes can quickly recoup their cost through low travel expenses. And you don't need to buy the cheapest electric scooter in NZ to save money.

These vehicles can pay for themselves in just a few months. Travel costs can be as cheap as 2 cents per kilometre making them a cost effective way of commuting to work.

You can buy a cheap e scooter for as low as $800. This has led to the rise in popularity and widespread adoption of electric scooters and e-mobility.

"e scooter nz' is one of the fastest growing search terms in the industry. And more large chain stores are adding an e-scooter to their range. But are their brands any good?

An adult electric scooter is not a toy. They are a mode of transportation. Riders commuting to work need a reliable vehicle and easy access to repair shops.

Large chain stores simply do not offer customer's services for repairs and do not repair what they sell. Frequently, they do not even stock batteries and tyres.

A quick search for 'Segway tyre' on Mighty Ape tell you they don't even bother to sell the tyres! Just the Scooter. So who will repair it for you? And where will you get a new tyre?

           Even PB Tech frequently run out of stock of major parts leaving customers to hunt around on Ali Express.

If you spend thousands, or even one thousand on a scooter, you want to know it will last.

Freed Personal Electric Vehicles is a specialist electric scooter store. We offer a wide range of electric vehicles including trikes and mopeds as well as e-scooters. Our focus is electric micro-mobility and our mission is to make your commute easy and fast.

We have light, folding scooters for public transport. We have compact, dual motor models that fold into a small space. Commuter scooters with long rage and powerful motors and we have off road scooters that break the speed limit at half throttle. Whether you like maximum speed or a smooth ride, we have options for you.

Above all, we stock the parts for the scooters we sell.            


Riding before you buy it is important. Freed on Nelson Street offer free test rides and the best scooter brands to help you choose.

As well as our own customers, we fix scooters from popular brands like Kaabo and Xiaomi in our workshop. We definitely repair scooters from all brands that we sell. Freed Electric Scooter Shop in Auckland has researched and tested all our brands , so you can shop with confidence.

Our customers come back just to tell us how happy they are they got a scooter.

We have clients who work for the city council and we supply to parts of the New Zealand government. We maintain commercial fleets and have over 5000 happy customers. With two full time scooter technicians available for free advice, Freed offer the best customer service in NZ. Our customer service reputation is second to none and you can read dozens of happy reviews online.

Scooting to and from work can literally change your life. It is fun. Its is often much faster and it is certainly cheaper. An e-scooter can pay for itself in petrol savings in just a few months.

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