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Save money, time and the planet when you invest in an e-Scooter



It might sound like a big claim but when you look at the benefits of owning an electric scooter, you'll soon conclude that the savings are worth considering. Not to mention an electric scooter is way more fun to get to work on than a car, bus or train.

Let's break it down.


There is no doubt that a good electric scooter is an investment, but it's far cheaper than buying a car.

However, the annual running costs of a car are what we’d want you to think about.

  • WOF – Warrant of Fitness in NZ -the average cost is $52
  • Rego - Licensing fees in NZ –$109 per year
  • Petrol - at time of print 2.47 per litre in Auckland
  • Parking – Depending on where you park and for how long you could be looking at anything from $12 per day (Early Bird) to $63. Metre parking ranges from $2.50 per hour to $10 per hour in Auckland.
  • Servicing – In general, this can cost between $80 - $290 depending on the type of service you opt for, then you will need to add on the cost of any work that you need doing.
  • Insurance – again this cost can vary based on age and experience and vehicle, but full cover is likely to be approx. $840 per year

 Work it out for yourself follow the link to NZTA's cost of running a vehicle page

Public transport might help you eliminate some of these costs, but this commuter option still puts a sizable dent in your weekly budget.

Bus – If you are a regular bus user you likely have a discounted Hop card and will pay $3.45 each way for a 10km ride, nearly $50 per week

Train – A 10 km ride again using your Hop card will cost you $3.45 each way.

Electric Scooter running costs.

Servicing – Freed service plans start from $69 – check them out.

Electricity - less than $1 per charge


These days most of us are time poor so an efficient commute is worth considering.

Buses – 10km takes 45 minutes allowing for several stops on route.

Next, add on the time it takes to walk to the bus stop and from the end terminal to your place of work. Not to mention the time you spend queuing to get on the bus at the end of a busy day. In rush hour you might not even get a seat, so you are paying to stand and be jostled by others.

Trains aren't much better if there is even a train service to your part of town

Trains cost $3.45 per 10km ride and as with buses you are faced with crowds, lateness, the last km walk to and from the station to your home or workplace.

 An electric scooter offers you the opportunity to be riding from the pavement outside your house to the pavement outside your place of work. Yes, you need to be careful and ride slowly and with respect in congested areas, but once you are out of the hustle and bustle you can open up and cruise home at a decent speed, avoiding traffic jams and bus queues.

You do need a safe place at work to park your electric scooter if you are opting for a more powerful battery the scooter will be heavier, so you won't want to be folding it and carrying it long distances. However, parking your electric scooter is far easier than finding a place to park your car, not to mention so much cheaper.

Stress Levels

It's worth considering how you feel when you get out of the car after an hours commute home,  negotiating around bad drivers, endless traffic lights and horrendous traffic, you are likely to feel wiped out and ready to hit the sofa at the end of the day. The same can be said in reverse a Hell drive-in to work in the morning may play out with you snapping at colleagues or needing a caffeine fix to sort out a tension headache before you even start the day. Buses and Trains aren't much better, they might be quicker, but being herded on and off in rush hour, not finding a seat and being exposed to other people’s bugs and germs is no fun either.

What is fun is the freedom you feel on an electric scooter. Being outdoors, enjoying the views, moving at pace, having a blast, just you and your electric scooter, it puts you in a totally different mindset. 

Save the planet

This might not be your first consideration when purchasing an electric scooter but you can pat yourself on the back for doing something to help the environment, your carbon emissions on an electric scooter will be far better than that of driving a car and on par with public transport.

So there you have it, if you want to spend less on your commute in terms of money, time and stress then it’s worth thinking about joining the electric scooter community.  

The next thing to do is decide what type of electric scooter you should buy.  There are hundreds of electric scooters to choose from so you need to do your research. If you are still unsure talk to an expert. At Freed that's James, Shivam and Matt, based in the Freed shop in Victoria Park Market, Auckland. Our guys know their stuff, think of them as electric scooter consultants, there to help you analysis your commute, looking at the distance, terrain, hills, the speed you want to travel.

From there they can make some recommendations and you can take a few test drives. They offer a range of service and maintenance packages and accessories if you want to pimp up your ride.  The teams are always available for a chat and to answer questions, face to face or by Messenger or phone. When you buy a scooter from Freed you are joining the Freed riding community.

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