Freed Silver Servicing Package - Electric Scooter
Silver service

Silver service

Regular price $69.00

What is included?

Suspension Check | Major Bolt Tightening | Tyre Pressure Check | Stem & Handlebar Tightening | Brake Adjustment Tightening | Replace Brake Pad and/ or Rear Drum | 

Our Silver service is great value for those customers wanting to give there Scooter a quick once over. We'll give the scooter a comprehensive review and tighten and make sure your brakes are performing as they should.  Brake pads/rear drum brake parts are included in the price.

Freed recommends two services per year to keep your scooter humming and prolong its life.

After purchase, please email to book a slot and minimise delays.

For even greater value, please consider our Gold and VIP service packages - see the picture for inclusions/exclusions.