PMT E-FIRE 10 x 3 inch wide tyre

Tyres and Tubes


PMT 10x3 inch Electric Scooter Tyre

Fits most e-scooter brands with 10 inch tyres 

Last longer and more puncture resistant than stock nylon tyres.

PMT tyres use the best materials for the best results. The company’s goal is to offer riders the best tyre ever and, usually, the best wins.

Made with genuine rubber the PMT tyre is more stable and feels it.

The PMT 10x3 inch tyre is the optimum  performance road tyre. Suitable for well paved roads it has excellent durability on asphalt. 


10" x 3 (R6.0)

Hardness compound

52 Shore A

Tire width

76 mm

Outer diameter

250 mm

Tread Pattern Use:


Rim width

35-45 mm


35 - 40 psi


Tubeless and inner tube


For electric scooter repairs and service in Auckland text Freed Electric Scooters, 021490269.

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PMT E-FIRE 10 x 3 inch wide tyre
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