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Mount the  pouch to your E-Scooter to carry and protect your valuables. 

Straps to the handlebar and downtube to secure in place.

  • The pouch is made of hard-housing EVA material. It is extremely light and its rigid shell holds its shape without sagging. It is moisture-resistant and durable with a reflective logo design.
  • The smaller 2L is 25cm tall x 12cm wide and deep at the top/10cm at the bottom
  • The larger 3L is 29 cm tall x 150 wide and deep at the top/12cm at the bottom
  • The design includes a mesh pocket inside to keep things from moving around and prevent damage to valuables such as mobile phones.
  • Waterproof. Made of waterproof PU fabric, the zipper is made of waterproof material, but do not soak it in the rain for a long time to avoid leakage.
  • Easy to install: No need for a tool. You can adjust the bag to the desired height, the straps are adjustable. Suitable For Kick Scooters, ,Self Balancing Scooters,  Bikes etc

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