Freed Pro-Urban Trike

Electric Scooter
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3 wheel seated electric scooter.

Powerful Electric Trike with Dual Rear Wheel Drive.

This e-scooter has a removable, 26 amp hour battery for convenient charging in or out of the scooter

Gimbled rear wheel mechanism provides stable riding with up to 20 degree lean

Perfect electric scooter for those needing a bit more balance support

Indicator lights front and rear and reverse gear

Freed are excited to introduce this electric trike to the New Zealand market. It has plenty of uphill pulling force and looks like it belongs in the jungle. Off road tracks will present no problem to the large 12 inch front wheel and the 10 inch dual drive rear wheels will power you anywhere you want to go.

Range 40 - 60 km real world range. We test the range on urban city roads, in traffic, at a range of speeds, and with moderate hills.

Almost self balancing so it stays upright. 

The trike has a twist throttle on the right handle bar grip, however, it is half the grip and not the entire right hand grip so you do not accidentally twist the throttle. This is a fantastic safety feature.

The seat is removable. The foot pedals fold up for easy storage. This trike is really designed for use with the seat but you can take it off completely.

Includes front and rear carriers and a reverse gear.

Tons of uphill power. Top speed 48km tested on flat surface. 

Indicator and tail lights are large and bright. 

This trike can keep up with traffic in the city in 3rd speed mode, and was easy to manage on a crowded foot path at 7 km per hour as well. 

Overall we are genuinely impressed with this trike and look forward to sharing it with you all.


Available in Orange red or Lime Green


Name Freed Pro Urban Trike
Max Speed 50 - 55km/hr
Battery 48 v 26 amp hour
Range Up to 70 km
Motor Dual 500 w rear reive
Lights Front and rear turn signal / Headlamp / brake lights / Tail light
Brakes Cable disc x 2
Weight 54kg
Max Load 140 kg
Speed modes 3 plus reverse
Tire size(inch) 10 inch rear 12 inch front
Controller Dual 20 amp
Suspension Spring suspension
Charging time Up to 8 hours
Seat Height 800 - 890
Size L 1300 / H 1250 / W 610
Freed Pro-Urban Trike
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