Raptor 2000w Electric Harley style motorbike

Electric Scooter
$4,299.00 $3,799.00


Electric Harley style motorbike.

2000W -  30AH Black  -  Fat tyre motorbike.

Let the Raptor completely change your life. Already licensed for NZ Roads it comes with a MR2A form ready to have a registration plate attached.

This Electric Harley style motorbike has a 2000W motor with more than enough to climb slopes up to 20º of inclination without stopping. 

Perfect for day to day commuting.  Its unique styling is both comfortable and stable to ride. 
And its not just an innovative design.  Its high-quality, easily available motorbike components make it a safe, easy rider bike. No petrol costs, easy charging at home and the only maintenance it needs is brakes and tyres.

It has a top speed of 45 km/h and big, fat wheels that allow impressive driving stability. 
The removable battery also means a second battery can be used to double its range.  Or keep it like it is for an easy 40 km range.
Innovation and security. In addition to being easy to drive, you will be completely safe while driving, as it incorporates an LED-type headlight, front and rear disc brakes, front and rear dual shock absorbers and horn.

    Please Note - Safety & Use: We advise all of our customers to wear a helmet and ride safely and considerately. As all liability for use is borne by the owner and user of the product, we accept no liability for your use of any product purchased from us.

    Raptor 2000w Electric Harley style motorbike
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