How to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely

Bought your first e-scooter and keen to hit the road? Not so fast, my friend! Sussing the basics and knowing how to ride an electric scooter safely should be your first priority. 

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At Freed, we sell and service a wide range of brands and types of electric scooters, from urban commuter electric scooters like the Zero e-scooter to ultra-high-performance ones like the Blade Teverun Fighter Supreme+ e-scooter. So, if you’ve just invested in your first e-scooter from Freed, it’s time to learn how to ride it safely through the streets like a pro!

Here, we break down must-know beginner safety tips and precautions to ensure your safety and the best experience possible. Read on to learn everything from preparing and pre-checking your ride to maintaining your e-scooter.

Invest in some protective gear

We recommend investing in protective gear when learning how to ride an electric scooter safely. Some excellent e-scooter accessories include:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Protective knee pads

A helmet is essential for riders, as e-scooters can travel at high speeds. If you crash without protective gear, there is the chance of head trauma and other injuries. 

Gloves and protective knee pads are also great investments. Although not as critical, these will give you optimum protection, especially for those not used to riding an e-scooter.

Get familiar with your e-scooter

Not all e-scooters are the same, so make sure to familiarise yourself with your scooter’s controls, lights, and even the horn. You should also test the brakes and steering before going full steam ahead; this will build your confidence and ensure great control over your e-scooter, even when faced with obstacles.

The more you know your electric scooter, the smoother the ride will be. So, do your research (reading this article is an excellent start!) and test the controls yourself; before you know it, you’ll have mastered the basics and be ready to hit the streets.

Pre-ride check

Before you ride, complete a pre-ride check of your e-scooter. A few things to check include the following:

    • Ensure good tyre pressure and condition. 
    • Folding mechanism is firmly locked in place.
    • Emergency alarms work.
    • Brakes are properly adjusted.
    • The battery is charged for your trip.
    • Ensure there is no damage that could impact riding safety.

How to avoid crashes

Ensure you keep your eye on the road and other road users. Keep both hands on the steering handles while riding. Stand further back from the steering handle to improve your balance and use your feet to catch your weight, especially when braking and accelerating. Remember to be alert. Even experienced riders can crash if they start using their phone or drinking a smoothie or coffee while riding.

E-scooter servicing

Maintaining your e-scooter and ensuring everything is in working order is integral to staying safe on the road. For example, knowing how long your battery can last on one charge is important. Avoid running your battery below 20% charge. 

Your battery will also drain faster if you keep your lights on or ride at full speed most of the time. Some models include power-saving modes that increase battery life for longer trips. Additionally, terrain also affects battery life; a steep muddy hill drains the battery much faster than a flat smooth terrain.

Lastly, if anything feels slightly off about your scooter, don’t shrug it off. Take your electric scooter to a specialist. While it may seem like an extra expense, you cannot put a price on your safety.

For the latest e-scooter models & maintenance advice, we can help!

Our friendly team at Freed Electric Scooters go above and beyond to help ensure you have the smoothest and safest ride. Equipped with the latest e-scooter models, accessories, parts, and a professional team of e-scooter experts, we can help you find the model to suit your preferences and lifestyle. 

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