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Change the way you commute

Electric scooters are taking the urban world by storm. Commuters in some of the world's largest cities are opting for the comfort, reliability, ease and efficiency of Electric Scooters to reduce daily urban commutes and guarantee arrival times at work, meetings and other appointments.
Electric Scooters are easy to use and are safe for everyone and have different ranges of speed, battery life, suspension, comfort and value for money.
All have the ability to be folded down to a carry size, which can then be put on the bus/train/ferry, or in the boot of your car.
There is an Electric scooter for everyone, whether you are petite, taller or have a bigger frame. Our Team at Freed will assess your needs, (based terrain, distance and performance) then make recommendations for you to test drive. 
We have sourced some of the top brands from around the world to give New Zealanders access to the most advanced e-scooters at affordable prices.
Step on and enjoy the ride. Be Freed.

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