We've sourced only the best e scooter & e skateboard brands from around the world

Zero leading brand of electric scooters

Zero is a leading Singaporean brand, a country where e scooters are very popular.  Zero electric scooters bring you market leading features at affordable prices. The range includes the Zero 8, Zero 9, Zero 10 and Zero 10x, to suit all riders.
The specs of the Zero range provide a beautifully balanced e-scooter.  Zero's quality comes from its engineers and designers having strong riding experience and receiving extensive feedback from riders in South East Asia. Assembled in China, Zero prides itself on its quality assurance processes to deliver an e-scooter for every rider.
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i-Max is a leading brand of electric scooters. Only available at Freed in NZ

The market leader for electric scooter style. Riders of this brand enjoy a cool design, while maintaining the specs to deliver the performance riders demand. The two key e-scooters are the Imax S1+ and the Imax Q5.

The Imax S1+ is the ultimate style e-scooter with a wooden board that’s great for lifestyle and leisure commuters. The Imax Q5 is the value product for those new to the e-scooter game.

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Exway electric skateboards only available at Freed in NZ

Freed has done a lot of work researching e-skateboards (‘Esk8’) brands from across the world.  We landed on Exway as the perfect balance between advanced features and reliability, but at a price you'll like.

Exway was born in 2016 by two enthusiasts of X-sports in Shenzhen, China.  Exway prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. Exway e skateboards give riders breathtaking speeds but still allows for an agile and super smooth ride.  This performance is coupled with amazing regenerative breaking (much needed when you are going 40 km/h), which re-powers the lithium battery to give extra range.


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Best seated electric scooter in NZ

From PX Industrial Design (PXID), the Kobra  e-scooter range has been developed by a team with a proven record of excellence in industrial products. Targeted at commuter and leisure riders, the seated scooter is a perfect balance of performance, comfort and durability. We are proud to bring you the Kobra range.

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