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Zero leading brand of electric scooters

ZERO is a leading Singaporean brand, a country where Electric Scooters are very popular.  ZERO Electric Scooters bring you market leading features at affordable prices. The full range includes the ZERO 8, ZERO 8X, ZERO 9, ZERO 10 and ZERO 10X and the new ZERO 11X. An Electric Scooter to suit all riders.
The specs of the ZERO range provide a beautifully balanced electric scooter.  ZERO's quality comes from its engineers and designers having strong riding experience and receiving extensive feedback from riders in South East Asia. Assembled in Singapore, ZERO prides itself on its quality assurance processes to deliver an electric scooter that has great features and delivers on performance and reliability. After many years on the market the Zero range enjoys a reputation for solid, reliable scooters that go and go. With some scooters now approaching the 10,000 mark*, Zero e-scooters have proven to stand the test of time.
*At the time of writing.
Freed are proud to be the exclusive importers of Blade Electric Scooters. Made by Teverun the Blade scooter range is partnered with gear from Minimotors, so you know that quality and performance is a priority for the team at Blade-Teverun. The Blade X and the Blade 10 range have already been well reviewed for being feature rich, comfortable and exceptionally good value fopr money. 2022 sees the introduction of two new models; Blade Gt is and ultra performance e-scooter with an impressive top speed of 85km, yet weighs only 33kg; Blade Mini is available in either single or dual 800w and has a sleek look with an impressive list of features. Both employ Minimotors componentry and offer the top quality we have come to expect from Blade. Preorders available now.
E TWOW (E2) electric scooters are the last word in ultra portable electric scooters. Weighing between 11kg and 14kg, depending on the model, E TWOW scooters still feel solid when you ride them, and are able to climb slopes up to 25degrees; that's pretty darn steep! Super compact, easy to use and with bright lighting. E TWOW electric scooters offer the discerning rider the much sought and seldom found combination of power, range and lightweight. Available online and instore.
Dualtron is another top quality brand known worldwide for durability and reliability. Freed stock the Dualtron City specifically because of the large 15 inch (38cm) tyre. Widely regarded as the safest scooter in the world precisely because of its size, the dualtron is the e-bike of electric scooters. Beautifully balanced and only 41 kg the Dualtron City is impossibly comfortable(don't take my work for it - check out this review from ESG ( https://electric-scooter.guide/blog/dualtron-city-impressions/ )
As with Dualtron we stock only the products that have a unique point of difference. In the Kaabo range that is the Wolf Warrior X range. What is special about the Wolf X is the dual stem; intended to eliminate stem wobble. All electric scooters suffer wear and tear at crucial stress points, including at the point where the stem folds. This is easily managed with your ride style, but Kaabo went one better and added a dual stem. They also addressed issues with water ingress, so the kaabo range now lives up to its IP 4 water rating. With fancy LED lighting, indicator signals, and hydraulic brakes this 60 volt electric scooter is super swag.
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