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Punk Rider Pro 1200

Electric Scooter


1200W Waterproof electric scooter

 Dual 600 w e-scooter. Waterproof rating IPX 6

The Punk Rider Pro is the dual motor Punk Rider.

The Punk Rider Pro is the next generation of the Hero range of electric scooters and  offers everything today’s scooter riders demand.

Modern styling, self-sealing tyres, reliable low-maintenance drum brakes, clear indicators and side lights for visibility, great power and good range.

With dual 600 w motors no street or hill will stop you. But wait there's more...

The Punk Rider Pro offers an IPX6 grade of weather-resistance, the highest available on a scooter at this level.

Built in GPS tracker which you read on your app.

Full-length LED strip lights create a highly visible night-time outline, and full-length indicators make your riding intentions clear to other road users.

The super bright display with retro styling is another feature every owner will appreciate. No more squinting in the sunlight.

Performance is smooth and the dual 600W motors deliver more pulling power than a single 1200 w motor. For heavier riders and very hilly terrain we recommend the Blade GTII

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Name Punk rider Pro
Max Speed Up to 55km/h
Max Load About 120KG
Motor Dual 600w
Battery 48 v 18 amp/h
Weight 35 kg
Speed Gears 3
Tire Pneumatic
LED Lights front/rear/brake /360 degree side indicator LED light
Range 30 - 55 km
Brakes Drum front and rear
Shocks front and rear
Water proof rating IPX 6
Range 30 - 50km real world range
Brakes Cable Disc brakes
Shocks Front and rear springs
Punk Rider Pro 1200
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