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Blade Mini Classic 500w
Blade Mini Classic 500w
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LX05 Delivery Moped
LX05 Delivery Moped
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Blade Mini Pro - 1000w

Blade Teverun
Electric Scooter

Model :

This is the perfect mid-size, dual-motor scooter for the budget conscious. Choose from the 15.6 or the 29 amp hour battery and travel further than ever.

This is a well designed scooter that offers real bang for your buck. Features include dual spring suspension and the ability to select single or dual motor drive at a low, low price.

The 15.6 ah battery offers decent range to the compact scooter category  and with peak output of 1600w, riders will power up any hill with ease, and easily get 55 km/h on flat ground. Sine-wave controllers offer smooth and quiet acceleration for comfortable and stable riding with no compromise in power or speed.

Expect quick stops from the dual, cable disk brakes as standard, and a 3 speeds from the Mini Motors EY3 throttle. The Blade Mini Pro gives you multiple options to play with.

It has great visibility with Bright, yellow LED up the stem and along the deck, built-in turn signal indicators, a strong headlamp for winter evenings and a very visible brake light to let other road user know you are there.

The 9 inch tyres are thick and are not prone to puncture. However the Blade Mini will take a 10 inch tyre enabling you to run self healing tyres and giving you longer range.

Available with a folding Seat

Type Blade Mini Pro
Motor: 2 x 500 w (1600 w Peak)
Battery: 48v 15.6 ah / 48v 29 ah
Maximum speed: 55 km/h
Charging Time: 5 - 8 hours
Real world range per charge: 30 - 60 km
Suspension: front and rear spring
Brakes dual cable disc / electronic
Head light yes
Front and Rear Turn Signals Yes
brake light Yes
Maximum load 120 kg
Scooter Weight 28
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