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Blade Mini Classic 500w
Blade Mini Classic 500w
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Teverun Fighter Supreme 7260r

Blade Teverun
Electric Scooter
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It has the biggest electric scooter battery we have seen at 60 amp hours.

The most Powerful E Scooter in the Teverun range.

Sold out. Pre-order now. Shipping monthly.

Teverun keep pushing the boundaries in design and quality to bring you the Fighter Supreme 7260r

It is a  big, aggressive, sleek, electric scooter with 120km plus in Turbo mode. This is a scooter for experienced riders only and is intended for use on private land.

At 11000w peak power output, it comes with dual steering dampers for maximum stability at high speed. This scooter is sold exclusively for use off-road and on private land as a machine this powerful is too fast for the streets!

The hydraulic brakes have 4 pistons and larger oil storage than usual allowing for more pressure and better  cooling to your braking stays more effective for longer without loosing pressure.

With all the thoughtful design of the Teverun Supreme: forged in one piece from aluminium alloy and steel, strong and wide for better stability, a thick silicone layer inside the tyre to prevent punctures  bright LED lights to make you highly visible and a strong headlamp and the Tft display allows you to program all the parameters to suit your style.

The 7260R adds sinewave controllers with a max output of 90 amp in turbo giving you that 120kmph surge.

Sporting a 60 amp hour battery made of SK cells it will have an incredible maximum range of 200km (at lower speeds).

KKE adjustable suspension with super long travel of 34mm. Adjust the shock strength to suit your weight and terrain and reduce wear and tear on the machine.

Freed have been importing Teverun electric scooters since they started and we are proud to be the only electric scooter shop in Auckland to offer this incredible off road monster.

The Launch of the Teverun Fighter Supreme 7260r is the top achievement for this new brand and it is getting lots of attention worldwide.

Name Teverun Fighter Supreme 7260r - Offroad
Max Speed 120km/h
Battery 72 v 60 ah SKC cells. Smart BMS. App integration
Range 200 km max
Motor Dual 2500w. Max output 11000w
Lights Turn signal indicators. Stem mount headlamp. Tail light. Brake light
Brakes 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes
Weight 64 kg
Max Load 150kg
Speed modes 5 programmable modes
Tire size(inch) 13 inch
Controller Sinewave 70 - 90 amp (in turbo)
Suspension KKE adjustable oil shocks
Charger 84 v 5 amp
Height ~1340 from ground
Size 1316/1340/645
Teverun Fighter Supreme 7260r
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