VSett 10+ 2800watts
VSett 10+ 2800watts
$3,899.00 $3,299.00
Blade Mini Pro - 1000w
Blade Mini Pro - 1000w
$1,999.00 - $2,799.00

Blade X Pro - 2400w electric scooter

Blade Teverun
Electric Scooter
$3,295.00 $2,995.00


2023 release Blade/Minimotors electric scooter

Blade X Po with Minimotors electronics inside

The most comfortable compact dual motor electric scooters available today in NZ

Built in Tft screen and smart BMS = App compatible.

Program 5 speed modes, LED light colour and timing

Monitor battery SOH and charge

The 60 volt battery = amazing  acceleration. Clean lines and a beefy look . A strong and serious competitor in the performance scooter market with loads more features than other scooters its size. This is the cheapest electric scooter able to go this fast.


Twin 1200 watt motors and spring suspension front and rear make this one of the most comfortable electric scooters to ride. Fitted with the 60v 24amp/h battery the acceleration on this scooter is crazy strong and it hits a top speed of 75km/h in test conditions.


The real world range of the 60v 24amp/h battery depends on the rider and the terrain but you will easily get 50 km from a single charge. 


With this kind of power you will need the full hydraulic brake set and the eABS electronic brakes. The electronic brake cuts the motor with just a light touch to the brake lever to improve the performance and efficiency of your braking, making them more effective and lowering the maintenance required.


Program your LED lights to suit your music, change the colour and timing and enjoy great visibility day and night. The front headlamp is powerful enough for night riding/

The tail light indicators are operated from the handle bar. 

The stamped neck on the Blade is a surprisingly useful design which enables use of a D Lock. This is a great anti-theft feature as you can get D-Locks that will resist even power tools so we think this is a really good idea.

Purchase direct for immediate delivery!!  Just email your order to info@freedpev.co.nz  and pay online. 


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Name Blade X
Max Speed 70 - 75 km +
Battery 60v 20 amp hour with app functionality
Range Up to 50 km
Motor 2 x 1200 w
Lights Side and Stem Mood LEDs programmable colour and flash from the app / Turn signals / Head lamp / Tail and brake lights
Brakes Hydraulic Disc brakes
Weight 33kg
Max Load 12o kg
Speed modes 3:  Mimimotors EY3 Throttle
Tire size(inch) 10 x 3 inch tyres
Controller 2 x 30 amp
Suspension Hydraulic Spring Suspension
Charging time Up to 8 hours
Handle Height from deck 900 - 1100
Size L1100 / H 940 - 1240 / W 650
Blade X Pro - 2400w electric scooter
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