Xiaomi repair and upgrade series - front suspension installation

Freed Electric scooters are the only E-scooter repair shop in Auckland Central, and one of the only shops in Auckland that service and repair Xiaomi electric scooters. We have hundreds of Xiaomi owners as customers so lets talk about the pros and cons of Xiaomi front suspension upgrades.

More and more  owners are choosing Xiaomi front suspension upgrades. The cost is reasonable and there are definite benefits. You get a much smoother ride as the suspension cushions bumps and uneven surfaces absorbing much of the bump and rattle. Less bump and rattle means more control and can provide a feeling of better stability. Suspension makes the scooter less prone to skids and easier to handle with the steering feeling gentler.

The two common styles are hydraulic and spring fork. The hydraulic suspension kit is definitely the better looking of the two. Using the same technology you see on bikes the hydraulic suspension e-scooter fork gives up to 3 cm of travel; and this is enough to cushion your ride around pavements and parks while giving good handling over uneven ground.

The spring fork suspension offers up to 4 cm of travel. The cheaper copy of the Monorim front suspension it performs really well and fits perfectly on the Xiaomi 365. It has enough flexibility to make the ride really smooth but is still stiff enough to give good handling on uneven surfaces.

I don't recommend the riding style but check out this review here  


We can supply and install both hydraulic suspension and spring suspension forks for the Xiaomi 365 for a great price with a same day service if you book ahead. 

The suspension kits are also easy to install yourself and we are happy to supply the parts. check out the link below to a suspension review and a quick Youtube search will give you videos showing you how to install it yourself.

A Xiaomi front suspension installation could be the only thing that stands between you and the sweetest ride on the streets of Auckland City.




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