The buyer’s guide: Choosing the right e-scooter for you

When you start looking at electric scooters the choice is dizzying. With prices ranging from under $1000 right up to $7000 it is hard to know where to start. Different scooters have different configurations. Each has different advantages and drawbacks.

 Heavier scooters, while more robust, are less practical in small spaces such as on public transport. Each model has its best use case and

if you get it right you will use the e-scooter more, have it longer and with the right care you can have many thousands of kilometers of happy scootling. 

How you plan to use your scooter and how much you weigh yourself are 2 factors that have the most influence on your choice of e-scooter. If you are heavy, have a longer commute or the terrain is hilly you will need more power and a more robust frame to cope with the demands of the journey. 

The below table is an guide to models that may suit different uses

Bus and train

Short commute

Longer commute and recreation

Off road

Up to 75kg


Zero 8, 

Zero 9.


Kobra seated

Zero 10

Zero 8X

Blade 9

 Blade 10

Zero 10X

Zero 8X

75 to 95kg

Zero 10, 

Inokim Quick 4 skywalker 8s 

Blade 9

Kobra seated

Zero 10

Zero 10X


Inikim OXO

Zero 10X

Burn-E Viper

Inokim OXO

Kaabo Wolf X

95kg plus

Gowow ?

Zero 10X 24 amp/h

Inokim OXO

Kaabo Wolf X

Zero 11X

Burn-E Viper

The terrain you ride will affect how much power you need. 

The table below indicates suggested minimum motor wattages for different terrain


A bit hilly

Steep hills

Under 75kg


600 watts


Under 90kg


800 watts to 1000 watts

1000 watts plus

Over 90kg

800 watts

1000 watts minimum

2000 watts & 60 volt

Range: how far you need to travel will affect the amp hours you need. 

The table suggests approximate range estimates for different batteries, however the range is affected by terrain and load so will vary depending on the rider, speed, stops, terrain and even temperature. Different riders will always have experience of range outside of these estimates.

10 a/h 

13 a/h

18 - 20 a/h

24 a/h


10 - 15 km

15 - 25 km

30 - 40 km

40 - 60km

60 to 75 km

Experience : If you have never ridden a scooter before you may feel inclined to get a gentle, easy to ride scooter. As you get used to the scooter your needs may change. All scooters can be programmed in the settings to be more or less grunty and responsive so plan for the future and get the scooter you will need in the future. Get the sales person to program the settings so the scooter is easily managed while you get used to it. There is nothing worse than realising after a few weeks you should have got a different scooter.


Foot brakes

Found on some low power e-scooters. Minimal effectiveness. If the feet are required in an emergency braking is not possible.

Electronic brake

Engaging the brake sends a signal to the controller to reduce power to the motor. Improves efficiency of the mechanical brakes and reduces wear. Ensures the motor and the brake are not working against each other


Fully enclosed low maintenance,long wear, gentle grab.

Cable disc

Hard grab, short stopping distance. Easily ‘locked’ so can skid or drift  if you brake hard

Hydraulic disc

Measured grab on the disc helps prevent the brake from locking but does not eliminate it altogether. Reduced wear on the disc pads so they last longer. Eliminates the grabby feel of cable operated brakes for more manageable braking

Different people have different  preferences for how they like their scooter set up. Some folks love the huge torque of electric motors and have their acceleration in full. Others prefer gentle acceleration as it preserves the integrity of the stem and helps prevent the inevitable stem creak. Some ride their scooters like a skateboard while other people prefer to stand facing forward.

Geometry, deck size and brakes are not adjustable but many other features are. Wing indicators, positioning of instrumentation, accessories and aftermarket upgrades are available for you to pimp your ride and keep up to date with the latest gear.

There is so much to learn about electric scooters if you are interested, but in the end performance, fit, and after sales support are what matters. Freed electric scooters is committed to bringing you the best range of electric scooters in Auckland and New Zealand. We service and repair electric scooters in Auckland Central. If you are thinking an electric scooter might be you, visit our store at Westhaven Drive, Wynyard Quarter. Our expert technicians are always available to talk and help you choose. We specialise in good honest advice and great service.

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