In Defense of Zero Electric Scooters

In recent times there has been real development and innovation in the electric scooter market. Companies are responding to consumer demand in upgrades to existing designs and new brands are appearing that attempt to resolve issues with existing e-scooter brands.

As demand for safe and reliable personal transport devices grows so will the options available to consumers and the choice can be overwhelming.

Most of these electric scooters and similar electric transport devices are from China. And of all of the scooters brands we see in New Zealand, only a few stand out.

The Zero range is among the widest selling brands worldwide with a strong reputation for durability. Sourced from the Titan Group the Zero range is based on the Unicool 2019 range of electric scooters. To give you an idea, the Unicool T8 (Zero 8) electric scooter is one of  the biggest selling e-scooters in the world. Titan scooters are marketed under several different brand names, including Zero. Apollo and Horizon brands also offer variations of base Titan models. The new Vsett range of electric scooters is manufactured by Titan, the same factory that produces Zero electric scooters and this is seen in standard body shapes, and parts that Titan offers

The Zero 10X is the 2019 design of the Unicool VDM 10. The design of this scooter was (and arguably still is) so good that it quickly became a best seller and remains so today. The 2021 version offers only a few changes to the original design, mainly making it 2kg lighter. The original design, however, looks so much better. It is sleeker, curvier, and gives a solid ride feeling. The only real shortcoming of the 10X is the short mudguard. Later models use a different design, called a tyre hugger and you can add this separately as a spare part. 

Another great aspect of the Zero range is they live up to their IPX54 rating. This refers to their resistance to dust and water - both enemies of the electronics inside your scooter. Unlike other models we have sold recently, the Zero scooter never comes back with water damage (actually once, but she was genuinely riding in all weather, all winter, before she had an issue). Customers who ride in the rain (don’t - it will void your warranty) report their scooters are very water resistant. That said, always dry your scooter off if it does get wet and avoid puddles.

The robustness of the 10X is seen in the huge mileage clocked up by some riders. We have clients who have done several thousand kilometers and only ever come in for tubes and tyres. Look for my other blogs on scooter care to see how you can do this too. 

Many design improvements in brands like Vsett are available as upgrades to the Zero range, and for a much lower cost! 

In the e-scooter world, durability and value for money are worth seeking out. Not cheap, but genuine value for money, backed by the reputation of the seller and their ability and willingness to service and repair what they sell. You don’t need to pay a fortune for bells and whistles.

Ask the seller about common problems and warranty repairs. If you are not sure they are being honest and up front, buy somewhere else.  If you find the same scooter elsewhere for a lower price, ask your preferred seller to match the price. Make sure you can get the after sales service; not all sellers make the effort to keep parts in stock. 

The Kaabo Mantis range of electric scooters are a great comparison to Zero electric scooters. Only slightly more expensive and with nearly identical specifications on comparable models, only the very newest 2021 range have an IPX5 water rating. Pre 2021 models had cable entry points channeling water directly into the controller. The Mantis Pro is a great scooter but can not claim to be better than the Zero 10X, and really, only the 2021 model is as good. The Wolf Warrior range is where Kaabo are focusing development at this stage, which is why we stock these at Freed as well.

The Zero range of electric scooters from the Titan factory still offer the best value for money in the mid price range they occupy. Reliable, durable and slick, a Zero scooter will last you many years if you look after it.

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