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How to choose an Electric Scooter- Questions to ask yourself.

You love the freedom and fun of an Electric Scooter, but you're over the restrictions of the rideshare operations and it’s time to buy your own Electric Scooter. So, where do you start?

How to choose an Electric Scooter

Online research will give you plenty of options to consider but it can be overwhelming trying to work out which E-Scooter is best for you.

Here are some Questions the Freed team suggests you start with.

  What is the main purpose of your new Electric Scooter?

  1. Commuting daily to work and back
  2. Commuting occasionally to work and back
  3. Transport that will allow me to get around the city quickly and easily
  4. Last-mile commute (to and from bus or train station)
  5. Weekend Fun
  6. I just want one

If you are planning to use your Electric Scooter for commuting purposes, then you need to drill down and ask yourself the next set of questions.


  1. How many Km’s will I be commuting each day?

If you are traveling over 20kms a day you need to be thinking about battery power, how many Km’s can I ride on my Electric Scooter before needing to recharge.

Comfort is another thing to consider– If you are covering a longer distance on your Electric Scooters check out the tires and suspension, make sure they are of a good quality if you want the ride to be smooth.


  1. What type of terrain am I covering, flat or hilly?

If you are taking on a few hills each day then you need to consider the angles of the hills, the steeper the hill the more power you are going to need. If you are commuting over hilly terrain you need to be thinking about buying an electric scooter with a more powerful motor.


  1. How fast do I want to travel?

At Freed we want you to be safe; wearing a helmet is a no brainer, but also riding to the conditions is essential. It’s great to open up and gun along a clear road or pavement, but slow down in congested areas and give way to pedestrians. Unlike the rideshare Electric Scooters a privately-owned Electric scooter has no speed cap, you can travel as fast as you feel comfortable.

At Freed we have a range of Electric Scooters, the ZERO 8 offering at a nice cruising speed of 40 Km ph and the ZERO 11X able to do a top speed of 100 km ph.


  1. Do I need to carry my Electric Scooter?

If you are lucky enough to be able to ride your Electric Scooter from doorstep to doorstep then portability won't be an issue, but if you are using your Electric Scooter for the last KM commute and you are planning to take it onto a bus or train then have a good look at how the E-scooter folds down. Is it quick and easy to fold down? Then test the weight, how heavy is your folded down electric scooter, is it easy to carry and hold for a period of time.


  1. What Tires do I need?

When purchasing an Electric Scooter have a good think about the tires you need. Do you need road tires or off-road tires or maybe a set of both? Then you need to think about if you prefer rubber tires or air tires.

Rubber Tires – Rubber tires are solid and heavy, the ride is firmer, but you will never get a puncture.

Air Tires – Pneumatic tires are as the name implies filled with air, providing grip and suspension, they absorb shock well, making potholes and kerbs easier to deal with. You can, however, get a puncture.

Your Physique

  1. What size am I?

Electric Scooters are for everyone. If you are taller or of a heavier build you need to be thinking about suspension and tires, in order to have maximum comfort and stability.

You want to check out the braking power and if you are taller check that the steering rack is tall enough.

The ZERO range of Electric Scooters that Freed offers really delivers on the above elements, but you need to take a test drive to feel the stability, test the brakes, ensure the power is what you want. You are welcome to pop into Freed’s Auckland shop at Victoria Park Market, to try a few options out.

Riding at Night

  1. How much night riding will I be doing?

Be safe when you are riding your Electric Scooter home at night or to work for an early start. When deciding on an Electric Scooter check out the lights, ideally you want LED front and rear lights along with good brake lights.

Service and aftercare

  1. What aftercare do I need for my Electric Scooter

Like a car or a boat or a jet ski you need to look after your Electric Scooter and the best way to do this is to keep up with regular services.  When buying your Electric Scooter find out if your provider offers a service centre and warranty as Freed does.

Get Help

There is a lot to consider but you aren’t alone. The Team at Freed can help, they are Electric scooter experts and mechanics and available to talk you through the options.

There is no better way to get the feel of an Electric Scooter than to take it for a test drive. We are lucky enough to have a great test drive circuit straight outside our shop at Victoria Park Market, a quiet pedestrian area where you can get a real feel for our machines without the distraction of city traffic.

We carry the ZERO range of electric scooters; these are high-end scooters with excellent quality of build and top-spec componentry. ZERO scooters deliver on, looks, power, and performance. 

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