E-Bikes vs Electric Scooters - Which Is Better for Commuting?

With the rise of urban traffic congestion and the increasing need for sustainable transportation options, bikes and electric scooters in Auckland and around NZ have become popular amongst New Zealand commuters. They're electric, eco-friendly, affordable, and accessible. And while bikes and electric scooters have unique features, the question remains: which is better for commuting? We'll take a closer look at electric bikes vs electric scooters, zeroing into the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is the best fit for your commuting needs.


The difference between electric bikes and electric scooters

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are traditionally regular bicycles with electric motors and batteries. The motor aids the rider when pedalling, making riding uphill or for longer distances easier. An e-bike's travel range on a single charge will vary between models. For example, city e-bikes normally run between 50-60 km on a single charge, depending on the battery capacity and level of assistance. They come in different types, such as mountain e-bikes, touring, city commuter bikes with a step through frame and folding e-bikes; electric motorbike designs are starting to appear although mainly these are the step through motor scooter style.
Electric scooters are smaller and more lightweight than e-bikes. They are powered by an electric motor and battery. Usually designed for shorter trips, electric scooters generally have a range of around 20-60 km on a single charge, although this varies by make and model. Factors influencing range include the terrain, weight of the rider, and weather conditions. Most designs can be folded and carried for easy storage and transport, making them convenient for city commuting.
You can ride electric bikes like a regular bicycle, with the rider pedalling and using the motor for assistance.
On an electric scooter, you stand and use a throttle to control the speed.
Man conveniently standing and riding on an electric scooter

Which is better for commuting?

Deciding between an electric scooter or an electric bike for your commute depends on individual preferences and needs. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:

Pros of using an electric scooter

Electric scooters can be smaller and more lightweight than electric bikes, making them convenient options for city commuting. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be folded and carried for storage and transport. You can easily load them in a car and if folded you can take them on public transport.

There are many electric scooter designs, including urban commuter models, ultra-portable ones, and designs for ultra-high performance. Riders also have an excellent range of electric scooter accessories, such as phone stands and front lights, to suit their commuting needs.

They are a great solution for short-ish trips where walking might be too slow. Many people also choose to commute longer distances by e-scooter as they are reliable, extremely low cost, require no parking, and eliminate rush hour traffic problems.

Generally, scooters are faster than bikes, even e-bikes, as they are not limited by the rider's pedalling ability. They also do not typically have speed limitations.
Lastly, electric scooters require less physical effort than electric bikes.

Cons of using an electric scooter

Electric scooters can have a limited range as there is no pedalling to assist the motor.  

Pros of using an electric bike

Electric bikes offer a more traditional cycling experience with the added benefit of electric assistance.

They are practical for long-distance trips and provide a good form of exercise. They are ideal for riders who want to improve their fitness while commuting. Bikes are also great for those with lots of bags or cargo, as there are more options for panniers.

Cons of using an electric bike

Electric bikes require more physical effort than e-scooters and are typically heavier. As e-bikes still require physical exertion, riders will sweat more, which may not be ideal for riders travelling to work, university, or a professional setting in which you want to look (and smell!) nice.
Generally, e-bikes have speed limits pre-programmed, which limits their speed. Currently, this is not the case with e-scooters.

Important Factors to Consider

Luggage and Speed

Riders needing to carry more luggage and shopping may prefer e-bikes as they have a greater range of luggage options than electric scooters. They'll also get you some exercise along the way.
For shorter distances or trips hopping on and off public transport, e-scooters are an excellent choice; their light and convenient design (especially foldable ones) makes them easy to take with you anywhere!


Both electric scooters and e-bikes can take on hilly terrain (you just have to choose the right e-scooter model for the job, like a Zero 10X). E-bikes are a lot easier than normal bikes going uphill but will still require more physical exertion than e-scooters.


Electric scooters are typically more compact and lightweight than electric bikes, making them easier to store and transport. An electric scooter is ideal if you have limited storage space or need to carry your vehicle on public transport.


Electric scooters require little physical exertion to ride, making them accessible to people of all fitness levels. You also don't have to worry about getting hot and sweaty while riding.

On the other hand, electric bikes require some physical effort to pedal and are a good option for riders who want to improve their fitness. You can also adjust the level of assistance to suit your physical ability.

Enjoy your everyday commute with eco-friendly transport options

Ultimately, choosing between an electric scooter and an electric bike is totally up to you! This will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Whichever option you choose, we can guarantee you'll significantly improve the quality of your everyday commute!

At Freed, we carry an extensive range of e-scooters and a smaller range of e-bikes to make commuting easy, enjoyable, convenient, and sustainable. We partner with some of the most trustworthy brands in the market, guaranteeing safety, convenience, and value for money while you enjoy the ride! Explore our range online to find your ideal travelling option, and contact us today if you have any questions!
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