The Best Accessories for Electric Scooters

In recent years, a quiet revolution has been taking place on the streets and sidewalks of cities around New Zealand. Electric scooters have swiftly risen in popularity as eco-friendly and convenient modes of transportation. With this emerging solution for commuting and urban travelelectric scooter accessories have also entered the scene to promote responsible and enjoyable e-scooter usage. Let’s explore the best accessories for electric scooters and how they can enhance your overall riding experience.

Are Electric Scooter Accessories Necessary?

You already own a great performing electric scooter. Do you still need the extras? As electric scooters continue to gain popularity, ensuring rider safety and comfort becomes paramount. While e-scooter accessories remain largely optional, they are a great way to improve safety, convenience, comfort, and functionality while riding. Here are some reasons why using electric scooter accessories can be necessary:

Safety Enhancement

Accessories such as front lights, rear lights, and helmets can significantly improve your visibility to other road users, especially during low-light conditions or at night. Safety accessories reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a safer ride. At Freed, we always recommend additional lights at handlebar height and rear-facing helmet lights for added visibility.

Convenience and Utility

Upgrades such as shock absorbers or padded seats can provide a more comfortable ride, especially when travelling over uneven terrain. Increased comfort can lead to longer and more enjoyable rides. Top-quality shock absorbers add stability and safety, especially on high-power scooters. 

Full rubber PMT tyres are the gold standard in e-scooter tyres. Durable and long-lasting, they are less prone to punctures and offer much better traction. For long-distance commuting, they add comfort and stability to your ride.


Accessories allow you to tailor your electric scooter to your preferences and style. Whether choosing a specific colour or adding decals, personalisation can make your scooter feel unique.

Safety Accessories


While not legally required, wearing helmets protects from potential head injuries. They safeguard your head from any impact in the event of accidents or falls. Helmets can also improve your visibility to other road users. The Livall C20 – Automatic Brake Light is a great example. It features an automatic brake warning light, ensuring you are always seen on the road. Another excellent option is the Bell Sanction full-face helmet. It’s comfortable to wear with comfort cushioning, a sun visor, and multiple air vents. It’s lightweight yet offers premium protection for your face.

Jackets or Vests

Proper riding attire is essential for safety, protection from the elements, and visibility. Cycling jackets, such as the Proviz Switch, are made from waterproof materials, ensuring you can enjoy your ride rain or shine. It is also reversible – when you switch the jacket around, the reflective material will reflect artificial light, making you glow in the dark. This jacket is like wearing a bright light all over your body at night.

Handlebar Height Front Lights

Handlebar front lights improve visibility, especially in low-light conditions or when riding at night. In addition to providing illumination, front lights on the handlebars also serve as indicators to signal the rider’s intentions to turn or change lanes. The Ravemen PR800 is a powerful handlebar-mounted light emitting 800 lumens, ideal for road riding and daily commuting.


Mirrors are not typically a feature found on electric scooters. But like a car, mirrors are helpful accessories to improve one’s situational awareness on the road. With mirrors, riders can prevent accidents as they can see vehicles behind them without turning their heads when making turns.

Convenience Accessories

Storage Pouch

Storage pouches provide a convenient place to carry essential items such as phones, wallets, keys, small tools, or personal belongings. Riders can easily access these items without needing an additional bag or carrying them in their pockets, enhancing the overall convenience of the ride. There are many bags or pouches to choose from, but we recommend a hard case storage pouch that can help shield your valuables from dust, moisture, and potential impacts during the ride.

Phone Mount

If you have mobile phones, you can conveniently place them on a mount so you can focus on the road and get to your destination quicker with navigation features. When your phone is securely mounted, you’re less likely to be tempted to hold it in your hand while riding, reducing the risk of accidents caused by distraction. The GUB phone mount is made of aluminium, so it is durable and protects your phone from knocks.

Mobile phone on a phone mount electric scooter accessory

Security Accessories

Folding or Heavy-Duty Locks

When parking electric scooters in public places, you can secure them with heavy-duty locks to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access. You can easily protect your scooter with the ETook folding lock, leaving them on sidewalks or parking areas without worrying about theft. For ultimate security, consider investing in a Kryptonite New Yorker that resists power grinders.


With a reliable GPS, you can easily track where your scooter is. If it gets stolen, the police can enable GPS tracking to ensure rapid response and assistance. Freed is proud to stock Follo. This GPS system is NZ-based, extremely easy to set up and use with its purpose-built APP, and very affordable.

Disc alarm

A disc alarm also enhances security and theft prevention. It emits loud sounds to immediately alert you if your scooter is tampered with.

Performance & Comfort Accessories

Front Shock

Front shocks absorb the impact and vibration from uneven road surfaces. If you want a smoother and more comfortable ride, add front shocks to improve ride comfort, handling, and manoeuvrability. The Xiaomi hydraulic front shock absorber is a great option even with solid tyres. You can tackle terrains with ease, ensuring a smoother journey.

Electronic Tyre Pump

You can maintain the correct tyre pressure on the go with an electronic tyre pump. Properly inflated tyres ensure better traction, improved handling and stability, and enhanced ride quality. Get one from Freed. The Xiaomi electric tyre pump can test your tyre pressure and inflate your tyres with little to no effort.

Enhance Your Ride with Freed’s Range of Electric Scooter Accessories

Discover the best accessories for electric scooters at Freed. We have various accessories for improved safety, performance, security, convenience, and style. Unlock the full potential of your electric scooter today! You can also visit us to learn how you can enhance your ride.

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