ZERO 8 (Pre-Owned)
ZERO 8 (Pre-Owned)
ZERO 8 (Pre-Owned)

ZERO 8 (Pre-Owned)

Regular price $999.00

Pre-owned and traded in, only 240km on the odometer ! In great condition.

The ZERO 8 offers a high end performance and a good battery range whilst being a compact scooter making it easy to transport.The incredible hydraulic rear suspension on this model eliminates vibration, making your commute a smooth ride. 

To see the ZERO 8 in action, watch this video! 

The Zero 8 is perfect for day-to-day travellers, whether commuting to and from work, to park-and-rides or a cruise down to the shops. The value buy of the quality Zero range, we're ecstatic to bring you the Zero 8 electric scooter

Battery | 48V, 10.4 AH | Expected range of 20 - 35km 
Tyres | 8 inch tyre, front air tyre and solid rear rubber tyre | Perfect comfort and durability with the air tyre at the front and solid rubber tyre at the back
Brakes | Single rear drum brake Great responsiveness given the typical speed 
Weight | 18kg | Lightweight for carrying onto the bus or into the office
Suspension | Front spring and rear hydraulic suspension
Top speed | 40km/h | A great top speed for this value commuter
Lights  Front and rear lights
Loading capacity | 100kg
Motor power | 500W motor
Controller | 20A controller