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The ZERO 11X is the largest Electric Scooter available from ZERO. The 35 amp hour LG battery gives up to 120 km range. It is their most powerful, off-road, Electric Scooter! Not for the faint hearted, this machine has huge torque and acceleration and reaches high speed quickly.

Intended for off-road adventures on tracks and cycle paths the 11X can be fitted with off road tyres for better traction and stability. It has 20cm clearance to get over roots and bumps. Heavy duty spring suspension front and rear smooth the ride. the huge 72 volt battery will give you the power you need to get up even the  steep slopes and forest tracks.

The large deck is 27cm wide and 55 cm long. This is a solid build and you know it has the power you need. An exhilarating riding experience is what the ZERO 11X offers.

Rider safety is important to us. Full protective body clothing and full face helmet should be worn when riding this Electric Scooter.

Battery | 72V, 32 Ah LG | A powerful battery with an expected range of up to 100km!
Tyres | 11 inch tyre, air front and back | A large, air tyre provides excellent comfort.
Brakes | Dual hydraulic disc brake, 180mm rotors | Great  responsiveness for higher speeds
Weight | 53kg | This is a heavy scooter with solid construction. 2 person lift is a must.
Suspension | Front and rear coil suspension | Amazing suspension for either track riding, full off road or road.
Top speed | 85km/h+
Lights | Front dual LED floodlights, 4 rear LED brake lights
Loading capacity | 200kg
Motor Power | 2 x 1600W motors delivering a continuous nominal power output of 3200W total. Peak output of up to 4000 w.


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