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Welcome to the T15 from Segway, simply the best scooter for use with public transport.

It is sleek,  attractive, and super light, by far the easiest scooter to to fold and unfold. It takes up very little space when folded and is easily stowed on the bus or under the couch at home. 
We tested the T15 on the bus and up a long hill on our way home at night and we were genuinely impressed. Even carrying 80kg the T15 was zippy and managed all but the very steepest section of a very long hill. Being low to the ground it was easy to push along while still riding so when the going gets tough, no need to dismount.
The lighting give the best visibility at dusk that we have seen on a smaller scooter. We took it to the supermarket on our homeward commute, popped it in the trolley and then carried it up 2 flights of stairs. At 10.5 kg it was a breeze. 
The T15 gave us 7 km easily and could have gone 8.
We are delighted to offer this e-scooter to our commuter customers.
Battery         -  4.6Ah
Voltage        -  36V
Motor          -  250W Single
Brakes          - Electronic Braking System
Range          -  12KM in ideal test conditions
Weight         - 10.5KG
Charge time - 4 Hours
Max Speed   -  20KM/H
Max load      -  100KG

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