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Wolf Warrior X High Performance Electric Scooter

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The Wolf X e-scooter range is Kaabo’s answer to incredible demand in the high performance mid price sector of the e-scooter market. Ticking all the performance boxes but with a much more attractive price tag the Wolf X range sits between the Mantis Pro and the Wolf 11 in price with very little compromise in performance.

There are two models within the Wolf X range: the Wolf X Plus and  Wolf X Pro+

They both sport 2, hill flattening, 1100 w motors and 10 inch off road tyres.


The difference between the two is what you would expect. Battery, controllers and LCD display. The Wolf Warrior X Plus runs Sine Wave controllers and a 60v 21Ah battery.  The Wolf Warrior X Pro uses mini motors gear and a giant 60v 28Ah battery. 

60v batteries are much in demand for their power and these do not disappoint with a really pleasing acceleration curve. They both have a theoretical top speed of 70km/h. The Pro has a top range of 70 km and the Pro + 100km however these are maximums and range will be a bit lower under normal use conditions. Both have single and dual motor options and eco/turbo modes.


Both Wolf X come with front and rear Hydraulic Zoom Brakes, and an electronic anti-lock braking system which is an awesome safety feature. If the tires lock, the eABS turns the motor on for a tiny period of time to assist with braking. The tires grip the path better, perfect off-road riding. 


The ride quality on the Wolf X makes riding it a pleasure. Integrated front shock and rear C Spring shock absorber soak up potholes and bumps and are just a bit bouncier than other models making for a smooth, even ride.

The folding mechanism has dual stem clamps, loosening those up allows the dual stem to fold down so that both tyres stay on the ground. Folded, its dimensions are 1211mm(L) x 650mm(W) x 578mm(H). When unfolded the height is 1228mm.


App controlled Lighting: The Wolf X range has the same front LEDs, deck lights and brake lights, however the Wolf Warrior X also has an LED Pedal lamp. This links up to your mobile phone and enables you to set different colours, pulse timing, turn signal and front light. 

For the app to connect you need to ensure the button next to the charging ports on the Deck is depressed whilst the electric scooter is on. 

Dual Stem: The dual stem is a really smart design choice from Kaabo. This amount of power demands good stability and the dual stem goes a long way towards eliminating potential stem wobble.

At 32kg the Wolf Warrior X electric scooter can easily be loaded into a car by one person making it a smart choice for off-roading. 


For the price point it packs incredible power and some really nice new features. The acceleration is fast. For its construction values and price point - it's going to put the wind up some of its competition.

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