Eco Reco S5 - Ex Demo
Eco Reco S5 - Ex Demo
Eco Reco S5 - Ex Demo
Eco Reco S5 - Ex Demo
Eco Reco S5 - Ex Demo

Eco Reco S5 - Ex Demo

$1,299.00 Sale price

LAST ONE EX DEMO , only 2.6km travelled $795 ! 

Fex light scratches but otherwise new!

Freed is proud to introduce the EcoReco S5 to our range. A lightweight, high quality ride for commuters looking for a product with 'pick-up-and-go' transportability, strong performance and high specs. With a LG battery, riders can be confident of peak durability and range and with the powerful 300W motor, the lightweight design provides the perfect balance. The USA based EcoReco brand is over 5 years old, they are fiercely focussed on engineering perfection.

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Battery | 36V, 8 AH. A powerful, LG battery with an expected range of 15 - 25km, charges to 70% in 2 hours, 4.5 hours to full.
Tyres | 8 inch tyre, solid rubber front and rear. Provides a great balance between low maintenance and performance.
Brakes | Rear, energy recovery, 3 stage brakes. Great responsiveness for this model, advanced technology.
Weight | 12.7kg. Extreme lightweight scooter, great for commuters wanting transportability.
Sturdy and stylish | 6061.T6 aircraft aluminium chassis | One of a kind quality and experience.
Top speed | 30-35km/h. Great top speed given the lightweight nature of this e-scooter. Configurable options to meet riders needs.
Lights | Omni directional rear light.
Loading capacity | 120kg
Motor Power | 300W continuous / 600W Peak output motor | Providing peak performance for a lightweight model.
Controller | 9 Amps