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The E-TWOW GT SE is the BOSS of ultra-portable. Powerful and fast. 13 kgs. 15 - 30 km range and super compact. Perfect for public transport.

For the rider who wants an ultraportable scooter that can actually get up a hill the GT offers around 20 kilometers of real-world range and a 37.7 km/h top speed, although this will affect the range. Our model is factory limited to 25 km/h, however this can be adjusted in settings. 

And unlike other ultra-portables, it has a genuine mechanical lever brake that actually works!


Weighing just 12kg but packing 700W of power, this power-to-weight ratio is really something to boast about. This is a powerful electric scooter but weighs the same as a sack of spuds! Anyone can carry this puppy one-handed. Throw in the car, chuck it on a bus, or whip up a flight of stairs with it, no sweat!

The high-torque motor still gets you speed of around 40km/h and will float up all but the worst hills your town can offer. The E-TWOW has a 504 watt hour lithium-ion battery made of Samsung 35E cells

Excellent Braking

One of the most significant features of  the ETWOW GT SE is a dedicated rear drum brake that gives strong, reliable braking. The GT also features an electronic brake controlled by a thumb lever that recovers energy via the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, the same technology as used in Formula 1!), and there is the foot (stomp) brake friction brake. 

Large Deck

The Booster GT has a long deck too, with a rubberised surface for plenty of grip, which is also easier to clean than grip-tape models, so your e-scooter will look slick all the time.

Airless Tyres and Dual Shock Absorbers

The scooter has solid (airless) 20.3 centimeter tires that are ultra-durable and zero-maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat with these tires because they are filled with rubber.

With shock absorbers front and rear this is a smooth ride for a solid tyre.

Fast Folding

The folding system on the Booster range is top-notch. A super-simple lever activates the fold easily, and the folded scooter locks securely in place for easy carrying


The scooter has a handlebar mounted white LED and a red LED tail light that activates when the brake lever is depressed.

The lights do a decent job of lighting your way at night, but we always recommend additional bike lights and high viz gear if you are riding at night.

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Up to 50km

Max Speed

40km/h (factory preset 25km)

Max Climb Angle

25 degrees

Motor output max. power

700 W


Li-Ion, 48 V; 9.6 Ah, Samsung Cells 35E

Total weight

13 kg – GT 2020

Max Load

125 kg

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