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Freed have added the new Dualtron City to their line up and it delivers all the safety improvements Mini Motors claim. “Safest in the City”? Why yes, we think so. 

The Safest in the City

  • It has the ground clearance you need for uneven surfaces and potholes,
  • 15 inch wheels for speed and stability 
  • Dualtron, rubber suspension for unbeatable comfort. 
  • Removable battery: ride as far as you like, swap the battery to keep going.
  • Massive neck and shorter stem increases ride stability

Here’s what you need to know about the latest offering from Minimotors - the Dualton City.

Sporting 38-centimetre (that’s 15”) pneumatic tires, a 113-centimetre wheelbase, and more than 13 cm of ground clearance, these design features deliver the best safety performance available in the e-scooter market today and are the first serious answer to safety concerns in the high performance electric scooter category.

The ride stability is noticeably smoother because of the large wheels, it feels more like a bicycle or motorbike than a traditional e-scooter. Small wheels find it harder to clear obstacles (potholes etc.) but the Dualtron City does not even notice obstacles that would be insurmountable to smaller wheels. It has split rims so tyre changes are going to be easy; a must on any scooter in our opinion.

The long wheel base on the Dualtron City reduces the cycle of wobble and over correction scooters are prone to, making the higher speeds much more comfortable and much safer. That, plus the large wheels mean no need for a steering damper, even at the top speed of 70km per hour because of the stability this scooter offers.

The rubber suspension cartridges, coupled with the long swing arms give the most forgiving ride we’ve ever had without jumping on a motorbike! 

It has a 60v battery with a dual controller delivering 30 amps to each motor. It achieves a combined output of nearly 4000w on a full charge. The acceleration is quick, and super smooth. You can accelerate to 50 km per hour plus, without even realising it. With the security of those big tyres, you feel comfortable even at the top speed of 70km p/h.

For added convenience the controller claims to be waterproof and the chassis of the scooter is designed to drain water away. Is it waterproof? We have not found the IPX rating anywhere but if it lives up to the design claims it certainly will be more worry free for water than the average e-scooter.

It has front and rear facing deck lights, built in turn indicators facing front and rear, brake lights and a horn. 

Add a full face helmet and a light motorbike jacket for safety and commute any distance you like.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a couple of reviews

Minimotors Dualtron City Technical Specifications


Dual, 4000 Watts (peak)


1200 Wh or 1500 Wh


60 V, 30 A, 2 channels

Top Speed 

70 kmh

Max Range 

70 km (20 Ah) / 90 km (25 Ah)


41 kg


Dual 160 mm hydraulic discs (Zoom)


38 centimetre pneumatic


Dualtron rubber cartridge

Unfolded Dimension

157 cm (length) x 58 cm (width) x 132 cm (tall)

Folded Dimension

157 cm (length) x 58 cm (width) x 76 cm (tall)


Front, Rear, Side, turn indicators, brakes


Electronic horn

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