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The Blade GT is the newest offering from Blade-Teverun and has an impressive resume. Peak power of 4500w, dual drive, hydraulic brakes, adjustable hydraulic suspension and packed with performance and safety features the Blade GT offers the most bang for your buck in our Ultra Performance category.

Weighing in at just 35 kg the Blade is super practical. Easily managed by one person. Folding stem, powerful headlight and adjustable stem height. This wee beastie will appeal to speedsters of all sizes!

We are running it with a split rim wheel hub so we can change your tyres easily when you need new ones, however we will include free Armor Dilloz tyre sealant to keep your tyre puncture free.  The puncture-free, rubber coated rubber tyres will be available as an upgrade soon and you can order them as a stock feature on pre-order. Email to enquire.

Blade GT has a 60v 23.4 a/h battery, key, and minimotors EY3 throttle. Full hydraulic disc brakes and 11 inch road tyres with Armor Dilloz Tyre sealant, your average range will be around 60 to 80 km.

The Blade GT Plus has a massive 28.8 Amp hour LG battery. A 35 amp hour is also available on pre-order. The bad boy sports the TFT screen, double adjustable hydraulic spring suspension front and rear, and key card. 



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