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The Blade 10S Electric Scooter is the single motor version of the Blade 10X and we think it is incredibly practical. With spring suspension and and extra 200 watts of power the 60 volt battery gives it tons of grunt. At just 28kg and with a solid carry handle built in it is reasonably portable for this amount of power. It is exceptionally comfortable, grunty as you like, and with hydraulic brakes and indicators this is the best value for money electric scooter in New Zealand.


The 1200w motor and 30 amp controller give this e-scooter a really nice acceleration curve; punchy as you could ever want but not mental enough to throw you off. It flies up hills and the top speed of 55km/h is way more than most of us will ever want to travel. 

The newest iteration of the Blade 10 electric scooter now has a 60v 20amp/h battery which does not disappoint. It has fantastic acceleration and should easily return a 50km range, even ridden reasonably fast, though the weight of the rider does affect this.


Blade have really made the right decision putting hydraulic brakes on their scooters. Hydraulic brakes give smooth, even braking even in emergency situations.

The ride quality on the Blade 10S e-scooter really is as good as other brands that cost a bit more. The Spring suspension front and rear coupled with 10 x 3 inch pneumatic tyres cope with high speed really well and we were comfortable on our test rides. Because of its suspension arm design the Blade 10S will carry heavier riders with ease, without the price tag of more powerful scooters.


We just love the LED lights because they give you such great visibility day and night. The front headlamp is powerful enough for night riding although as always we recommend extra lights on your helmet, handle bar or jacket to make you more visible to others.

The tail light indicators are operated from the handle bar. These alone got our attention and we think all scooters should have indicator lights as standard.

Having a telescopic stem  is another design decision that suits this e-scooter down to the ground. Being able to adjust the height to suit yourself is sensible ergonomics. It is a great feature that other similar scooters do not have. 


Blade 10S Electric Scooter

Size (mm)


Folded size (mm)


Max Speed

Up to 55km/h

Max Load

About 120KG




60v  20 amp/h

Handle Height

Adjustable: 110cm - 140cm


28 kg

Speed Gears

3 speed gears

Tire size(inch)

10 X 3.0 wide pneumatic tubeless tire

LED Lights

front/rear/brake /Sign LED light


up to 70 km in eco mode


Hydraulic disc

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