10 x 3 inch Urban hybrid off road tyre

Tyres and Tubes


Looking for 10 x 3 inch hybrid off road / road tyres? We have plenty in our Auckland workshop.

These tyres work well on a range of e-scooters that take a 10 inch tyre and minimise punctures. They are a heavy duty tyre that wears well and can be ridden on a range of surfaces.

Perfect if you want to ride on the road and off road on the occasion.

These New models come with explosion proof glue, a thick lining of the inside wall to help protect your precious tube from glass and debris.

If you require installation we install these in store.

Careful installation required, due to the sticky contact nature of the glue.

Sold as 1 tyre only

10 x 3 inch Urban hybrid off road tyre
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