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Used Zero 10 for sale. 631 km. As new condition. 

With its front and rear air tyres, 1000W motor and a broad deck, the ZERO 10 is made for long distances whilst maintaining the agility and freedom of a last mile commuter. Great for the riders going up hills and more rugged terrain.

For long distance commuters who demand comfort, robustness and speed, the Zero 10 electric scooter is the answer.

Battery | 52V, 18 AH | A powerful battery with an expected range of 30-45km.
Tyres | 10 inch tyre, air front and back | the largest air tyre in the Zero range, they provide excellent comfort.
Brakes | Dual disc brake The most advanced brake of the Zero range, delivers excellent response at higher speeds.
Weight | 24kg | Moderate weight scooter, enables the extra power and range.
Suspension | Front spring and rear hydraulic suspension | Top range suspension when packaged with the air tyres
Top speed | 40-48km/h* | Top speed suitable for the distances our riders demand.
Lights | Front and rear lights
Loading capacity | 120kg
Motor Power | 1000W motor 
Controller | 25A controller


*Rider safety is a core value of Freed. As such, our recommended top speed has been modified to 40kmph. The manufacturer's top speed is 50+kmph.

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