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Freed Electric Scooters

Zeta ZS - 500w Ultra Portable Electric Scooter

Sleek, Compact, Super Portable

Looking for an electric scooter for kids to ride safely?

Move aside Xiaomi,  the Zeta ZS just arrived in town. With sleek, functional lines and 10 inch honeycomb solid tyres this entry level electric scooter is packed with features and offers awesome value for money.

Weighing in at a mere 12 kg, the Zeta ZS is ultra light and ultra portable. Easy to fold, the handle bar locks in place on the rear of the scooter making it easy to carry. With the wide rounded stem you can even pop it over your shoulder, and at just 15 cm wide on the deck it is super compact too.

The ten inch solid tyres use honeycomb technology and are genuinely comfortable and roll over obstacles easily. This e-scooter has rear suspension too which is unheard of on a scooter in this price bracket. 

The Zeta ZS has a 10 amp hour, 36 volt  battery. This is enough power for a 15 degree rise without any difficulty, even with me on it!! (75kg :)) With three power/speed settings you will be able to control your battery use and make the most of the potential range.

As an extra security measure the Zeta ZS has a removable fuse so it can not be ridden off by a would be thief, although we do recommend you lock you scooter if you are leaving it unattended.

It comes with a handle bar light as standard and a cable disc brake on the rear that slows you to a stop in about 5 meters. With a top speed of 25 km this scooter is the perfect entry level option for anyone on a budget. We have heaps of parts for these so this scooter comes with all the security of the Freed 12 month warranty

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