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Inokim Quick 4 Electric Scooter

The Inokim Quick 4 electric scooter has seen several years of continuous improvement, and the latest version offers an incredibly smooth ride quality that really feels different to any other scooter I have ridden.

The 600w motor is paired with a 52 volt battery and between them this scooter flies up hills and can also give a handy turn of speed when you need it. The acceleration is gentle and gradual but this scooter still has lots of climbing torque.

Damped suspension makes the ride much safer and more pleasant and the Quick 4 e scooter features Inokim’s unique suspension design which smooths road bumps. 10 inch, pneumatic road tyres complete the suspension setup soaking up all those bumps and potholes. 

The Inokim Quick 4 e-scooter has the best display of any scooter I’ve seen. The console screen is more like a cellphone to look at, and the graphic display is easy to read in the day. There is a power cut off switch to protect the battery when you are not using your scooter.

The level of engineering is typical of Inokim and is excellent. This electric scooter feels robust and sturdy. The folding and locking mechanism is easy to use and still manages to eliminate flex and wobble. In all a reassuring feel.

Tested and certified to IPX4 rating, means the Quick4 electric scooter is resistant to water spray so if you get caught in a shower you do not need to worry about the electrics.

Overall this is a scooter with a huge appeal to both beginner riders and seasoned commuters, who want an easy-folding lightweight scooter with high performance

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Battery Capacity          13Ah

Voltage                         52V

Motor(s)                        Single, rear drive 600W

Brakes                            Dual drums, mechanical

Range*                           Up to 40km

Weight                           21.5kg 

Max Speed                    37km/h (factory limited to 25km/h can be adjusted)

Max Load                     120kg


*Range test conditions

Maximum range is achieved at 20-25km/h on a flat route, with a 60kg rider.