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Inokim OXO

Superb design and handling. Great range and the sweetest ride experience we’ve found.


The OXO is as grunty as any electric scooter gets with twin 1000w motors and a 60 volt 25.8 amp hour battery. Like all Inokim, the OXO has a factory speed limit of 25 km/h but boasts a top speed of 65km/h. This much power flattens any hills and we recommend a Bell full face MTB helmet if you do choose to ride to top speed. 

Despite the grunt under the deck the acceleration is way more manageable that its counterparts of other brands and will not throw you off backwards on take off. Sure some folks like that but you can increase the acceleration in settings and we see this as an incredibly useful feature for folks who find the ass kicking acceleration of other 2000 watt electric scooters off putting.


Inokim electric scooters are famous for the single-sided suspension that gives you a floating-on-air ride feel, and the suspension on the Inokim OXO passes our own version of the ‘big dawg’ test ESG mention in their review. https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/inokim-oxo-review/  We chucked a reasonably large human on it and he came back grinning like a pooch just back from the beach.

Sporting 10 inch pneumatic tyres the Inokim OXO features the single side suspension arm with integrated suspension; a patented Inokim design. This suspension really is in a class of its own and the ride experience on  OXO is super smooth with super bounce in the suspension that gives the floaty feeling Inokim are famous for.


You can ride the Inokim OXO e-scooter in turbo (dual motor) or eco (single motor) mode and with such a whopping great battery the OXO electric scooter could achieve a range of over 100 km, although we think 60 to 70 is still really realistic in real world conditions.

Built with a T6 (aviation grade) aluminium frame the OXO also sports hydraulic brakes for that feeling of true control and impressively short stopping distances.

Tested and certified to IPX4 rating, the Inokim OXO electric scooter is resistant to water spray so if you get caught in a shower you do not need to worry about the electrics.

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Dual drive 1000W x2


Dual 140mm discs, fully hydraulic






10-12 Hours