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Blade X Pro -  Available now. Special introductory price. 

This is the chunky big brother of the Blade range and is built to last from aluminium alloy and steel. The 60 volt battery gives it amazing  acceleration. With clean lines and a beefy look the Blade X Electric Scooter stands out as a strong and serious competitor in the performance scooter market with loads more features than other scooters its size. 


The dual motor Blade X Pro e-scooter has some serious power. With twin 1200x motors and spring suspension front and rear you will feel like you are flying. Fitted with the 60v 24amp/h battery the acceleration on this scooter is crazy strong and it hits a top speed of 75km/h in test conditions. 


The real world range of the 60v 24amp/h battery depends on the rider and the terrain but you will easily get 50 km from a single charge even in ‘beast’ mode. Even from a standing start this kind of power will tackle any hill easily and when you are moving you won’t even notice them.


With this kind of power you will need the full hydraulic brake set and the eABS electronic brakes. The electronic brake cuts the motor with just a light touch to the brake lever to improve the performance and efficiency of your braking, making them more effective and lowering the maintenance required.


The Blade X Pro  electric scooter has horizontally mounted spring suspension, improving the ‘travel’ of the suspension system for maximum absorption of shocks and bumps. They give great stability on rough surfaces.


We just love the LED lights because they give you such great visibility day and night. The front headlamp is powerful enough for night riding although as always we recommend extra lights on your helmet, handle bar or jacket to make you more visible to others.

The tail light indicators are operated from the handle bar. These alone got our attention and we think all scooters should have indicator lights as standard.

The stamped neck on the Blade is a surprisingly useful design which enables use of a D Lock. This is a great anti-theft feature as you can get D-Locks that will resist even power tools so we think this is a really good idea.

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Blade X Pro Electric Scooter

Size (mm)


Folded size (mm)


Max Speed

Up to 75km/h

Max Load

About 120KG


2 x 1200W

Battery Voltage


Handle Height

Adjustable: 110cm - 140cm


32 kg

Speed Gears

3 speed gears

Tire size(inch)

10 X 3.0 wide pneumatic tubeless tire

LED Lights

front/rear/brake /Sign LED light


Up to 80km in eco mode

Charging time

6 - 9 h

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